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  1. Pokeben10

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    I was slain earlier today for killing someone for identifying bodies.
    Here's how it went:

    We were on ttt_stadium and I, as a detective, killed another player for standing on the upper level of the spawn, looking down on me standing next to 2 un id'd bodies, freshly killed. I gave the player ample time to act, and they didn't. I killed them. I was then slain for this. The mod's reason was that they weren't close enough for it to be considered not iding or ignoring them.

    So, how close does someone have to be for it to be considered not iding?
    Nothing against the mod who slayed me, just wanted some clarification. (y)
  2. Python~

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    I was there and you killed Harvest for not IDing a body I had just killed. The reason I killed this player was because they were next to an UnID.

    In my case, however, the player who was standing next to the UnID could have IDed it from where he was standing. Harvest was on the second level looking down at the bodies, and was at no point actually close enough to ID them.

    To answer your question, you have to be close enough to, or actively ignoring, a reachable UnID body to actually be able to ID it for it to be considered a T act. If Harvest came down from the 2nd floor from where you killed him, he would have taken fall damage.

    P.S.: If you IDed either of the bodies prior to killing Harvest, you would have seen that they were both Ts
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  3. Voca

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    While the scene itself is important to be able to clarify.

    But if the scene is as you describe it if the UnID bodies were right next to you, it would be normal of you to ID the bodies yourself. rather than wait for another player who isnt close to the bodies to ID them. You killing a player who was standing a floor above you looking down at you next to UnIDs would rather be considered Toxic Gameplay in this scenario.

    Wether its RDM or not, depends on how much "ample time" you gave em to ID the body, if they were on the floor above, you cant force em to jump directly down and take fall damage to ID the body, you would have to give em time to take the staircase, which based on the distance they have to walk to safely get to the body, its just a waste of waiting, while you could ID the body yourself.
  4. Pokeben10

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    Why ID the bodies if they can help me figure out who the traitors are? And I only killed them because they were standing there looking at me when they died, they being the bodies.
  5. Pacifist

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    Hello! First of all you can't do this as a detective. That would be considered toxic gameplay as you yourself cannot be killed for not iding the body. This was decided years ago in a Q/A thread. I can link it if you need it, though I'm not sure it is really relevant. However, the rules state this:
    So long as the person:
    -Could see the bodies
    -Was able to ID the bodies (meaning you gave them enough time to get down there without taking damage, or the bodies were in a spot that didn't cause damage)
    -Was actively avoiding the bodies
    You can kill them. I don't want to speak about this specific case because I don't know the details or have the evidence. I'd recommend talking to the admin or filing a report if you feel like your situation was mishandled, though I am not sure if it was or wasn't. Thanks.
  6. Harvest

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    So, as I was the one you killed to get this slay, and I figured it'd turn up here somewhere, I took a screenshot!


    I was on top of the ramp, a long way from the corpses. If I'd jumped, I'd have taken fall damage. I was looking at you, as I expected any normal detective to ID the bodies. As explained above, not IDing as a detective is toxic gameplay, because you could sit by some unIDs and just kill anyone who goes past. Nobody can kill you for doing the same, as a detective is always innocent.
  7. Pokeben10

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    Alrighty. You can just go ahead and close this up. I don't think a report is necessary as the mod explained to me their reasoning and I trust them. Thanks for the clarification! :)
  8. iii

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    What about this post from when Mango was lead 5+ months ago?
  9. Pacifist

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  10. Pokeben10

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    So does that make my slay invalid? The two, or at least one of them, had just died and there were multiple people around. I was in danger so camping the body would have been a valid tactic, no? And to clarify, "ample time" was me standing there watching him for ~5 seconds and he didn't move.

    Also, sorry to keep commenting after this has been answered, but iii's post made me think of this.
  11. Pacifist

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    No. I'm just clarifying the detective thing. Everything else I said is correct.