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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pruppy, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Pruppy

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    Yo, it's ya boi Pruppy again...

    I'm not massive for sharing shit like this, but recently I've gone through a separation with my partner. Whilst sparing the politics of the situation, I'm having to move out of our shared home and will be couch surfing until I land on my feet; it's unlikely I'll be around much for a few weeks. I'm hoping to not be away for any longer than that for a few reasons, one of which is because you filthy animals have helped me through a rough patch recently, whilst being blissfully unaware you were doing so.

    Please send all the luf my way

    Luf u guis
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  2. Lordyhgm

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    Good luck boyo, hope you find solid ground soon x
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  3. Fiz

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    good luck on your situation

    hope everything gets better
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  4. Pacifist

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    Get back on your feet and find yourself someone else. Plenty of fish in the sea.
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  5. dazza

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    wait when did we break up
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  6. Pruppy

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    This is it. We broke up right now. I'm leaving and I'm taking the kids.
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  7. dazza

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    all 17 of them? can I atleast keep the dog

    oh and so this stays on topic

    hope you are alright and stuff
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