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Discussion in 'Deathrun Ban Appeals' started by NoLivesMatter, Nov 22, 2016.

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  1. NoLivesMatter

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    Your In Game Nickname:
    Constable Sark Goodfam (NoLivesMatter)
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    Why you should be unbanned:
    Alright so let me start by saying I Shouldn't be unbanned (not yet at least.)
    I'd like to go through the chain of events that occurred and then semi-justify my actions (not saying what I did is right just contextualizing) On the day I was banned I was banned earlier in the day at the discretion of an admin. While I agree that their behavior wasn't professional and that my appeal to that ban was valid, I'd also like to formally apologize to Ladylag because my tonality and etiquette regarding the situation were also not helpful to the situation. I shall endeavor in the future to at least not be as sarcastic as I was then. Now after I was unbanned, I got on the server (even though I told myself I wasn't going to but needed to alleviate some stress due to personal reasons which are unimportant to this appeal). At any rate after I got back on the server I memed around for a bit and then after a couple of hours there were only about 6 people on the server. I decided to try a few exploits to see if they worked... Never got any top times from them (but that doesn't make it right) Possibly Zephyrus was one of the people on at the time and before the ban report on me I never knew he had an issue with me. So today I talked to him and instead of just blocking him and being salty I asked why he reported me and he told me that he didn't like exploiting. Me being banned isn't why I'm making this appeal. I'm making this appeal because of the manner in which it happened was more due to a lack of communication. As I discussed with Zephyrus, I would've stopped at any time if he had a problem with my actions but he never told me. Later on that night Highwon came on the server and asked if we were exploiting, to which I said no. My rationale is that If I said yes he may just ban me on the spot, its a terrible predicament anyway you view it in any outcome. So overall, my request here is not for me to be unbanned because even I don't think I deserve to be unbanned yet. BUT I do think that 4 weeks is quite a long time for the overall events and the yield they had + the manner of how it came to be. I personally feel a 2 week ban is much more suitable to the offense but I'll leave that to the jurisdiction of the community. Thank you for your time. - NoLivesMatter
    Evidence of Innocence:
    The only evidence I have is an adorable fat cat eating pizza
  2. NoHackJustGood

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    I will be tagging @CDriscoll and @Highwon as they are the ones who issued your ban. Please be patient.
  3. Possibly Zephyrus

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    I do agree with some of the points that he made, especially the point about lack of communication, I didn't bother to say anything at all because most people just ignore me and I figured that it wouldn't really make a difference. But on some of the other things, like he said that afterwards he did talk to me and ask why and other things. I also can say that he didn't get any top times or anything via exploiting. The 4 week ban may be a bit excessive due to the points that he brought up in his appeal (no record times etc.) But I might also point out that not all of these exploits were just done by him but were influenced by other players through chat that I don't remember the names of. Like he stated in the appeal he does not think that he should be unbanned but instead the ban should we lowered a tad bit. Now I understand that these rules were set in place by Highwon, but still it seems a little bit extensive for doing it on one or two maps when just today on the day that im posting this I witnessed another player attempt to exploit but didn't bother to say anything because he never succeeded in doing it also I don't remember his name or I would contact him will either a link to the server rules or just in general telling him not to do that and that he should read the rules again or for the first time if he never read them while loading in.
  4. CDriscoll

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    After discussing your ban with Ladylag and her moderators, we feel that the ban length is appropriate given the circumstances surrounding your ban. Exploitation isn't okay, even if you don't set any records in doing so, and while we appreciate the apologies for your tonality and etiquette, it doesn't change how our staff were treated.

    If you have any questions or concerns with this decision, please feel free to begin a forum conversation with me and we can discuss it further, however we do not feel as if this ban should be altered at this time.

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