New Years resolutions

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Indy226, Dec 24, 2020.

  1. Pacifist

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    Oh, I'm sorry to ruin your buzz. To speak more positively, I think that New Years Resolutions are not an effective avenue for long lasting and sustained change. The reason I think that is because a ball dropping is not a strong motivation for change, in fact it is more fleeting than other forms. What is it good for? I would argue that a New Year really helps people put into perspective their failures and things they wish they could work on. That level of introspection comes around once, maybe twice, a year. For that, I do find some value in New Years Resolutions. On the second thing you said, no, I am not the type to go into a church and break shit. Frankly, I don't give a fuck what you believe. If going into a church and learning the good word gives you a purpose, or fills any kind of hole in your spirt than that is great.
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  2. My resolution is to stop coming back to SGM now that I finally have something sorta resembling a life.
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  3. food

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    Taking care of my body.
    I haven't documented it well but I've been struggling with an eating disorder, self harm and nicotine addiction for years and maybe now is as good a time as ever to turn it around.
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  4. Paradox

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    To not talk to indy226
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  5. My Dime Is Up

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    Same way brother. I would say moreso I'm out of shape but not overweight. I've found the Nike Run App (summer 2020) and the guided runs work really well. I used to HHAATTEE running. I still kinda do, but if you have a good temperature and a nice trail to run on, its wonderful. I would listen to Coach Bennet and his guided runs while enjoying the scenery of the trial I run on. Give it a try!
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  6. Coinston

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    don't play sgm
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  7. Adrian Shephard

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    to earn money as much as i can
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  8. Panduh

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    get more tiddy pics than last year
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    MEHEEZY Supporter

    this da one. don't start tomorrow. start now kind of thing
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  10. Carnage

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    it can be dumb but for some it motivates them and gives them a way to "track" how well they are keeping to their resolution. i believe people should be doing their new years resolution as soon as they can not wait till its new years. I think its okay to have a new years resolution as a "goal" to achieve and not an excuse to avoid doing it

    Ig mines going to be nicer to people and workout more maybe.
  11. Yellow

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    being nice is dumb, being an ass is smart
  12. Carnage

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    hahah yeah. i been told i can be an asshole, rude or mean when i explain things or i can be really insulting which idm but its a pain dealing with butthurt people so i need to be more "neutral".
  13. Adrian Shephard

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    wait what the fuck meheeezy got unbanned?
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