New Year's Resolutions

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Maro Lupus, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. Maro Lupus

    Maro Lupus Trial Moderator Elite

    The first week of the year is concluding, you still have plenty of time to commit to it!:)
  2. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    Do go outside more often, it's really healthy.
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  3. JesstheMess

    JesstheMess Trial Moderator VIP

    • Not be significantly depressed all the time
    • Lose weight because i’m suuuuper fat
    • Meet @dazza irl ❤️
    • Spend more time with you nerds
    • Maintain my 4.0 GPA
    • Not die i guess idfk
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  4. Fear☠

    Fear☠ The Dark Lord Administrator Legendary

    Do my best to keep my life in order and stay happy^^
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  5. A Salt Ed

    A Salt Ed VIP

    I like how snap has a bitmoji for New Year same me, ain't it the truth

    However, I plan to
    • Get a raise to ~$25 per hour
    • Move to Central-North Florida
    • Continue to excel in my trade
    • Get better at doing a couple of family things
    • Get a newer car
    • Work out more
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  6. Kinda missed this... My resolutions were to actually legally EXIST, and to get a job. Still working on both of them.
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  7. Dadly25

    Dadly25 Dolfin Moderator VIP

    What do you mean by legally exist
  8. My birth certificate was stolen and I have no form of legal ID. Therefore, I do not exist.
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  9. hacxx

    hacxx Member

    For sure!
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  10. Dadly25

    Dadly25 Dolfin Moderator VIP

  11. Bad Adult

    Bad Adult VIP

    @eks dee make this man a birth certificate with ur photoshop
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  12. how do you get your birth certificate stolen

    i dont even know where mine is
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  13. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    Wow, that is a very unique way to fail at life.
    At a serious note I hope you get your birth certificate back. Don't they archive them in computers just in case this happens?
  14. ayygurl_

    ayygurl_ VIP

    try not to die

    just like last year, less anxiety and some other stuff
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  15. Espurr

    Espurr #AlwaysTrustEspurr Moderator VIP+

    Update: I have 2 interviews this coming week, hoping for the best
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  16. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    Pass my bac exam and get a good note so i can chose anything i want in university
    break fake relations with fake friends who i don't benifit from them and they don't we just wasting time laughing and shit
    start learning mobile game development ( c a s h , seriously i have a passion for developing video games , used game maker since i was at primary school lol )
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  17. Hoping to get surgery for my Scoliosis.

    Trying to finish my study,
    Meeting new people of my age with Syndrome of Klinefelter ;)

    And most of all, ENJOY LIFE
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  18. Espurr

    Espurr #AlwaysTrustEspurr Moderator VIP+

    Final update, I have been offered a job, which I have accepted. Feels great to get this one knocked out.
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