new weapons for ttt server

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  1. naruto6358

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    i think there should be a poison gun in ttt for traitors what it does is it slowly kills the victim its sound is like the silent pistol and texture and a moltivcocktail what it does is when thrown and makes contact to the ground it explodes leaving huge fire behind the fire last for 20 seconds i hope these items are added in ttt
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  2. MangoTango

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    I am pretty sure both of these items have been suggested. However, my opinion is that the traitors have enough weapons and the incendiary grenade is enough on the fire damage front.

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  3. panzershrimp

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    I'd really like incendiary rounds or FMJ or some sort of ammo modifying perk traitors or detectives could buy. But then it would change so much dynamics that most weapons would be way too OP
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