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  1. Highwon

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    Serious TTT LP - (

    We here at Serious TTT are proud to announce our brand new Server available to all players, SeriousTTT – Low Population, or Serious TTT LP for short. The server will be hosted in Chicago, IL, USA.

    This server will be identical in the way that all of the other servers work, aside from Vanilla, but instead of having 36 Max Players, it will have 18 Max Players.


    If you haven't already noticed, we have decided to change our logo and use a professionally designed one that was picked by members of the community. The logo will show up on every page on the forums and the MOTD on the servers.

    We also have plans for the logo in the future, so sit tight for more updates to come!

    To go along with the addition of the new Server and Logo, we have also added three new Jihad Sounds to the Pointshop voted on by members of the community!

    My Name is Jeff
    Available for Donator, VIP, and VIP+


    Screaming Goat
    Available for VIP and VIP+


    Field Tested!!!
    VIP+ Exclusive


    At the request of the community, we have changed the amount of ammo both VIPs and VIP+s spawn with on all of our servers:

    VIP: Spawn with full Pistol Ammo
    VIP+: Spawn with full Pistol and Primary Ammo
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  2. Twinkie ™

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    yeah. heck yeah. yeah...
  3. paper

    paper legends never die VIP Silver

    Last time I checked, the logo for Teamspeak is still the old one. If you can update it, that'll be awesome.
  4. AnarkisT

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    Hosted in Chicago? Finally no more lag!

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  5. HoneySenpai<3

    HoneySenpai<3 VIP Silver

    Man imma keep myself green forever for my ammo to be full all the time also I'm buying field tested woooo
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  6. Muffin

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    There we go.
  7. Bot

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    Oh boi oh boi oh boi
  8. Finn

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  9. I'd imagine it'd be pretty hectic on Amsterville
  10. Rice

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  11. Highwon

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    Also to note, we are running the same maps on this server as the others however we can run smaller sized maps on this server.
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  12. Darktooth

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    Yet again, please let us know any feedback or concerns with the implementation of the new server.
  13. Mr. Rogers

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    Chicago? You're all dead.

    Love these updates.
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  14. Python~

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    I would find that this would be the most beneficial on smaller maps, such as Clue, Bank, minecraft_b5, etc, so +1 for that

    And that last update is the best update... :sneaky:
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  15. paper

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  16. Muffin

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    I personally would like to slowly integrate a different set of maps for the low pop server. Maybe we can keep some favorites that fit in terms of size, and then move in more, new, smaller maps.

    But I am excited, I have wanted a Low Pop server for a long time, and am really glad to see it come to fruition.
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  17. Rice

    Rice stay golden. VIP

    Can we use this to test smaller maps? Please??
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  18. Chai

    Chai returned; VIP

    Kinda a disappointment that Donator in Vanilla servers, doesn't have much special features aside from spawning with sorta useless pistol.
    I think they deserve better, although their funds isn't as much as others.
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  19. Hingle

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  20. Alpha Wolfy

    Alpha Wolfy Nocturnal VIP

    I always wanted a low pop server :D