New Player Models (For Anime Lovers)

Discussion in 'Player Model & Weapon Suggestions' started by Cuck, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Cuck

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    So I was thinking, for some reason serious never put any player models into the "models" section for attainment by points. And so, I was wondering, if it can be done, to have a couple new player models for people who favor anime more than the player models as of now. Also there is always a chance u can put them in the "supporter" category for a bigger attraction~and thank you taking your time to read this thread!
    Cuck, 1/5/2017
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  2. Rose♥

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    11/10 would donate for jiggle physics.
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  3. Cuck

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  4. Dolph1n

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    You should probably provide some download links/pictures so people can see what they're upvoting for. But in general give me them. +1
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  5. Carned

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    I cannot think of a worse thing for the TTT servers, dump the anime on deathrun.
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  6. Togobenzoate87

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  7. Harshhaze

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    Ye...Yes P-P-Please...Me too...
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  8. Zikeji

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    While I for one don't have anything against anime, the anime skins are just too unrealistic for SeriousTTT. They tend to have larger hair and simple yet bright textures. The hitboxes on the models can be very deceiving (and frustrating) for other users.
  9. Bogdanoff

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