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    This thread is being made in response to this post recently made by @Pacifist and @Jabba the Slut. Since Paci and Jabba have their thread, I figured I'd go ahead and make one for us to discuss new features on. Here, I will be giving my ideas on some new features that were brought up in their post from the other day.

    1. Implement Harsher Punishments for Hacking
    As the rules currently stand, a 1st offense hacking ban is a 4 week ban. Second offense is twice as long (8 weeks), 3rd 16 weeks, and so on. Now, as for what I think, I believe a 2nd offense hacking ban should be a permanent ban. The reason I do not support a permanent ban for the 1st offense is because I do believe that people can be remorseful. 2nd offense, the player clearly knows what they are doing. They waited the entire 4 weeks and came back just to hack. They should not be given another chance.

    Less serious stuff and more fun stuff...

    2. Add Rank Newton Launcher

    Not really sure what could be changed about this. I assume that "Rank Newton Launcher" means it would match the color of your rank, that'd be pretty cool. Maybe an upgrade that increases charge-up rate?

    3. Add Binocular Upgrades
    Currently, the binoculars are practically useless. So for this one I think I've got a pretty cool idea. Add an upgrade to increase ID rate (duh), but also add an upgrade that allows you to collect DNA from the body. This upgrade would be somewhat expensive since it would basically be an extra, OP DNA scanner that allows the user to collect DNA from a distance.

    4. Tear Gas Changes
    Apparently, tear gas currently blinds your traitor buddies, at least that's what the two lead admins, Paci and Jabba, have said. I would assume that they are suggesting that it not do that, which would be pretty cool. I would also suggest a bigger cloud, maybe a longer lasting cloud, one that does a small amount of damage, rank colors?

    Alright, so that's all I have at the moment. Please, feel free to add what you think, new feature ideas, etc. Don't forget to check out Paci and Jabba's original post.

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    That's something I'll work on when I feel our TTT servers are thriving. As it stands now, I don't think we're there.
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    +1 all but tear has because there wouldn't be any need if you warned that you were using