My new little fish tank

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  1. Hello

    I want to share my hobby, which is a marine aquarium with you. Which now looks like this.

    And the Jordan right before i moved him to my new tank and he was hiding in the 1st clip.

    So now i'm unhappy of my tank since it wasn't fully cycled before i moved my pet's. The reason for that is my smaller mature tank got contaminated with soap by my nephew and i had to evacuate them to new system witch is 7 days old.

    Old tank:
    Now i'm screwd cuz my goal was to leave my old system alive just in case when one of my fish got disease or major tank maintenance. Plus this tank looked like this few days ago.

    Right before cleaning my new tank that i got for 60£ witch is around 80$. All i had to do is buy new lighting for 175£ and fill the tank in.


    Few hours later.

    And finally today right before eviction.

    Now i hoping that my team will survive cycling of the tank :(.

    Sorry for quality of pics never been good at it :)
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  2. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP

    That's pretty cool.
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  3. Falcor

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    Good luck with the fishies and any live plants you may have.
    Can we get a list of the ones you got or anything youre planning on doing more with it?
    I used to have a fresh water with 2 oscars a dempsey obligatory plecostomus and an albino frog. my dempsey and frog battled hard one day and poor katie was no longer.
    Katie was the frog I adopted from a friend who named her after someone in school who they say looked very similar. She was a nice old frog tho
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  4. msscotty

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    Spoilers are a thing.

    Its a really good looking tank ngl. That is one lucky little fish.
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  5. neutral

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    I found Nemo
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  6. tylerjoseph(henry)

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    pure thread.

    looks dope.
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  7. So actually I have

    1. Fire blood red shrim
    2. Cleaner shrimp
    3. 2 clownfishes
    4. Neon velvet damsel
    5. Damsel yellow tail
    6. Zebra damsel
    7. Blue leg hermit

    In plans actually I have to add

    1. Another pair of shrimps
    2. Some more hermit crabs since my tiny one done hard word work keeping tank clean along with shrimps.
    3. Yellow tang
    4. Goby
    5. Anemone
    6. And of course since my goal is to make reef tank is add some coralline.
    7. More rocks plus upgrading my sump

    Then I need to see how my tank preform if I can add something else.

    And I think about getting 3D printer to make some upgrades but I don’t know yet which filament is safe for marine species.

    Night time it’s kinda hard to take a shoot in blue light....
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  8. Carlton

    Carlton (Something interesting here) Elite

    Don’t get beta fishes they’ll eat other fishes
  9. Well as long as I know betas are freshwater. Plus almost every marine fish eats smaller fishies.

    Size matter when you introduce new mate.
  10. Carlton

    Carlton (Something interesting here) Elite

    Still wouldn’t trust them
  11. Btw any one interested in set from 1st pic? Need it gone :D

    And new homie (orange spot goby) with remaked landscape?
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  12. Vent Xekart

    Vent Xekart Elite

    Nice! I have a bit of experience with freshwater tanks having had a betta tank in the past and currently having decently-sized tank with one angelfish in it. In comparison to your saltwater tank though how hard has it been to maintain it? I'm asking partially out of curiosity and partially for future reference.

    Actually, there are a couple types of fish that can coexist with Bettas peacefully. I remember my psychiatrist had a small fish tank with a Betta, several Harlequin Rasboras and a Corydora Catfish or two back in his old office. I've also heard that they don't bother other bottom-feeders like Loaches, Snails, and Ghost Shrimps. Once again though all of the above would have to be in a freshwater tank rather than a saltwater one.
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