My Farewell

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jabba the Slut, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Jabba the Slut

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    I know what you’re thinking, why is this not in the proper subforum? Well I’m not going anywhere, I’d like to hold onto this place as long as I can.

    I can’t claim to have been here as long as some of you have, but I’ve been here roughly two years now. SGM was the first place I tried after leaving another toxic, crappy TTT server. I fell in love with the place. The set rules, the accountability, the way money and upgrades transferred between all the servers, and most importantly, the people.

    This is my farewell, to all the friends I’ve made here, that may have chosen to get off this train early. I understand why some of you won’t stick around, or already left. I don’t blame you. I hope to never lose touch with any of you. I’m not sure how many I’ll tag here, but here goes.

    @Death , you were probably the first friend I made in the community. It all started when you reported me for ghosting and got me banned for a month. (I guess I shouldn’t have told you to use the teleporter.) We began playing more and more at the same time, and I guess you enjoyed playing with me in the golden days. I know I enjoyed playing with you. The bromance holds strong. Thanks Death <3.

    @olivia , I don’t really like olives, but I make an exception for you. I’m not sure what I could say without reiterating what I said on your farewell. You’re an awesome person, and I’m glad we met. I know we’ll keep in touch, and keep our Snapchat streak alive. Thanks Olive <3.

    @Scotty , I honestly don’t remember how we met or became friends, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t. From that one time we played Fortnite, to me having your face as my spray for a month, and rivaling you in the Great Alien War that will never end, you’re an awesome guy. Some people would disagree, but I think you would have made a damn good admin at the end. “THANKS JABBA!” It’s still my destiny to sit on your blade. Thanks Scotty <3.

    @giraffe ☯ , I’m not sure what you saw in me when you picked me to be on Team Meanie Heads, but I’m glad to have shared my staffing experience with you. Thank you, you were a great admin daddy long neck <3.

    @Pacifist , You get a bad rep in my opinion, you did a damn good job around here, even though you almost always disagreed with my admin picks, and banned me for ghosting, but that’s okay. I probably deserved it. You always messaged me back, and you certainly didn’t have to. Thanks Pacifier <3.

    @Aluf , you were my fellow Meanie Head. You lasted a good while, and I was a little sad to see you resign. You were the last mod picked by giraffe, and I think you would have made a decent admin too. Thanks Aluf <3.

    @luna♥ , you were extremely helpful during my trial phase, and I’ll always appreciate you for that. You did a great job as admin. I meant what I said about your eight person team, but I guess that day will never come. Awooo. Thanks luna <3.

    @Nyra , I’m not sure why, but you were always very supportive of me, and you’re awesome for that. Thanks Nyra <3.

    @kingsaib0t , you are a fucking legend man. You always let me in the Detective room when you were D, and I’ll be damned if I ever betrayed your trust when I was a traitor. You were the best there ever was with the winchester. Thanks Chester <3.

    @Aria , you my favorite dinosaur, even though I always teased you about your tiny arms. Some of my favorite times were playing with you and Aarow on terrortrain. Thanks Aria <3.

    @Aarow , you were an awesome guy, even though you never finished your Hunger Games giveaway. I wish you had stuck around. Thanks Aarow <3.

    @Floof , I’m sorry you never got picked up. I understand why you didn’t, but I’m sorry all the same. You were an alright guy. Thanks Floof <3.

    @Bubonic , you were a great mod, and I’m glad you came back to us for another go at it. Hope to see you become admin soon. Thanks Bu-bo-nic <3.

    @Toest , back in the day you were my favorite mod. Thanks Toest <3.

    @Siddo❄ , thanks for always rigging your giveaways for me, you’re a cool guy. Lead admin when? Thanks Siddo <3.

    @Spookturnity , you were a cool guy, I’m sorry you never got to see me get my ass tattooed, but nobody donated for it. Thanks Saturnity <3.

    @Opalium , you were a good Owner. Thanks for approving my DiscomJabbalator, even though it never made it ingame. Thanks Opalium <3.

    @helixspiral , the best Community Leader this place has ever had. Even though you avoided that Mass RDMx4 ban when you killed four people including me by blowing up the tester. Thanks Helix <3.

    @The Memelord , I always had fun memeing with you. Like that time my spray was you with a shoe on your head. Thanks Memepeasant <3.

    @.shirt , you were always a fun guy to play with. Thanks .shirt <3.

    @Falcor , I don’t really know if you liked me, but I always had fun when you were on. Thanks Roclaf <3.

    @ThatAintFalco , I had a lot of laughs when you were on. Like when I organized a search party to help you find the health you lost when you fell. Thanks Falco <3.

    @Ashes Relandi , sorry I reported you that one time, you were a cool guy. Thanks Ashes <3.

    @Voca , you were always looking out for the community, reporting people left and right for being assholes ingame. You did good. Thanks Voca <3.

    @Stitch , you were so helpful, nice, and supportive to all us trial mods. Thanks furry blue alien <3.

    @Husky , you were a great admin, thanks for making sure I was okay when I resigned. Thanks doggo <3.

    @A Slightly Spoopy Cat , sorry I gave you a toxic impression once upon a time. You gave me good constructive criticism. Thanks Cat <3.

    @MayorIguana , you got my vote man, even though I still like Dolls. Thanks Marijuana <3.

    @Daddy Nexxus , you were so much fun you play with, miss seeing you ingame. Thanks Daddy <3.

    I’m sure there are people I forgot to tag, I’ll edit them in if I can. Thank you all for the memories. Thank you all for being my TTT family. Thank you.
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  2. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Get back here you slut ;-;
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  3. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut Believe in the Jabba who believes in YOU Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Oof, he only read his tag. I'm not going anywhere, I made this in case any of you assholes leave before I can say goodbye.
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  4. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    See you on crescent kiddo
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  5. Falcor

    Falcor ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ MVP Silver

    Hope to see you a few more times before the ultimate death. And even after hope we get to yell and laugh at people in gmod together possibly somewhere else.
    Had so many good times with you jabba. If only you applied back then.
    Glad I made you laugh with all my goofy mean shit in game haha.
    But dont doubt for a second I loved your company in game, you were high among the list of people I'd see on the server and be like fuck yeeeah :) :) :)
    Wish you nothing but the best in everything.
    Ill ofc be keeping you on steam
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  6. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP

    Well I haven't left just yet and don't plan on leaving till the last day. I really have enjoyed all our memories and I'm really glad I got to meet you. Hope I can get on at some point and we can play once more. :love:
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  7. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    I’ve always enjoyed playing together, I miss those times back last year when we would abuse the hk sl8 and jack hammer. It honestly couldn’t have gone any better, I will miss playing ttt with you. Keep in touch man, I’ll be around if you ever wanna play something :D
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  8. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Thsy was the peak of sgm lol
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  9. Scotty

    Scotty VIP Bronze

    Thanks Jabba <3
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  10. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut Believe in the Jabba who believes in YOU Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Lmao, thanks for the five second move to the Farewell subforum and immediate return after reading it.
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  11. Aria

    Aria Working on myself for awhile MVP

    Everytime you make fun of my arms, Jabba, they grow shorter and shorter. But I miss you! Had some good times with ya. Even if you are a slut.
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  12. Floof

    Floof Ball of Floof Banned VIP Silver

    Thanks bb :love:
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  13. Silly

    Silly Fantasy VIP Silver

    I will always remember when you tried getting money by tattooing your ass cheeks
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  14. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP+ Bronze

    hey man, hope to see you somewhere else.
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