My Card is Declined?

Discussion in 'Store' started by sufficient velocity, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Ok I'm trying to buy legendary but it keeps on getting declined. I checked to see if worked on other websites such as Steam and Amazon and it works fine. I have no idea what the problem is because it worked before multiple times. Money isn't an issue either.
  2. XpropIayer

    XpropIayer Elite

    Can you try using paypal?
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  3. Yea it just told me there's an error
  4. XpropIayer

    XpropIayer Elite

    Try using swipe then? aka direct card? Link a bank account to paypal and use that
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  5. Nvm it has been fixed, I kept on doing it until it worked. Thanks for trying to help
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  6. Toest

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    *accidentally gets charged for 10 legionaries*

    glad you got it to work tho, congrats
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  7. AnarkisT

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    Id hate to get charged for 10 legionaries
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  8. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~Falcor, all the time Elite

    ya those legionaries are pretty expensive, upwards of 2k
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