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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Shaddoll, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. ayygurl_

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    I know how it works a bit.
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  3. Silent Rebel

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    I really recommend following seamless's tutorial series. He's been in the business a long time and is the FL studio hero everybody needs but doesn't deserve.

    Some other channels to check out:
    Mayflwr - makes some cool tutorials, mostly makes songs in other peoples styles for the lulz. Still can get some decent insight by watching how he does things
    YouSuckAtProducing - this guy uses Ableton but usually has very broad tutorials that will teach you basic producing concepts that can be applied to FL studio, such as his clipping/distortion video or his video on 7th chords. Also he is funny as fuck
    PianoTV - this is a channel that's designed for piano players, but since FL studio uses a piano roll, it could be very useful. I've learned a lot about chords and music theory in general from this video

    ALSO, anyone wanna rap over this? I like this beat but haven't really been able to find any acapellas that I'd like to put over it.
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  4. tz-

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    alright who wants to pirate me some programs to produce music :sneaky:
  5. Silent Rebel

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    i honestly don't even like rap but it's kind of fun to take random rap vocals and write a song around them. not mixed/mastered, just a demo. might finish it if i can figure out a better 2nd drop
  6. -tyler

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    I've written about 12 songs. I'm starting to record them, might share one of them when I finish.
    My bands name is twopapercranes.
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    made a two songs last night.

    Ecchi is a futurebass track, has a lot of synths going on, I think its in D minor @ 140bpm. It took a lot longer to make than the other one but they both still need to be mixed down. I don't know what to call the 2nd one but its a house track in C minor @ 128bpm. Any feedback is welcome, but i prefer if you pay attention to the writing aspect of it instead of the mixing/mastering. these are demo tracks, they're pretty muddy. I haven't really learned how to produce studio quality tracks, yet

    edit: deleted the playlist: 1st song, 2nd song
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    playing the drums on the server's teamspeak atm

    EDIT: not anymore
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  9. ayygurl_

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  10. Silent Rebel

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    Probably my best dubstep track i've made so far, I love how the middle verse turned out between the drops.

    Also, @tz- or anyone else interested in learning, check out It's an online DAW that actually has a lot of standard features, can really use this to learn some DAW concepts before you decide to make any purchases.
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  11. a CrAzY gObLiN

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  12. Silent Rebel

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    That soundpool is worth the purchase alone, most of the time those things go for like 5$-45$. Music Maker might not be very good compared to professional software, but it can teach you some basic concepts that will transfer over to other DAWs and I've heard it's pretty quick to learn.

    edit: also here's some free sample packs, they are pretty good. I think i've managed to use sounds from just about every single one of these while writing music.
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  14. Titan

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    lowkey bumping this thread to try and revive it because it's a cool ass thread

    here's my guitars (and amps)


    epiphone les paul 100, peevey milestone, yamaha fg720s, ltd b5 bass

    i also got 2 pianos downstairs and a bc baritone sitting in my closet x)
  15. tz-

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  16. Virunas

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    I play trombone and percussion.

    Just got a new F trigger for my trombone.
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  17. Titan

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    Nice. Bet that makes thing slightly easier eh?
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  18. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

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  19. ayygurl_

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    anyone wanna collab? I play the drums
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