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Music player?

Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Max, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    Would it be slower too because it needs to be processed?
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  2. Max

    Max Moderator VIP+ Gold

    You wouldn't have too go to your browser that's usually part of the mod it opens up youtube etc whatever music platform and just find you song an play url
  3. Max

    Max Moderator VIP+ Gold

    the only reason why it would be slow is if you had bad internet it should start instantly
  4. Rauno

    Rauno Sausage Moderator VIP+

    If you want this to be only client-side then that's definitely a no from me. Like others have said, there are already perfectly fine options for that. You could even use the Steam overlay with Youtube and play it as being on the server.

    What I liked abour this on other servers is the fact that everyone hears the same song, it creates discussion and whatnot when there's nothing to talk about.
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  5. Max

    Max Moderator VIP+ Gold

    I strongly disagree about the everyone hear the same music thing.
    Lol when they're isn't staff on it would go crazy.
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  6. Titan

    Titan boat drinks Moderator VIP+

    100% agree with rauno - 1
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  7. Timo654

    Timo654 gamenight CAH champion Moderator Legendary

    but you could just mute the song or maybe even a skip option yknow
  8. tylerjoseph(henry)

    tylerjoseph(henry) My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. Supporter Bronze

    Some servers already have a jukebox that is automatically muted upon connecting.
    IF (that's a big if) we were to implement this, the only use I see is making it server-side. You'd simply type "!jukebox" (or something like that) and a player would appear.
    You'd then have the option to either, play it or keep it muted, whatever you'd like.
    And also, people should have the option to put their song of choice into a queue. Via youtube link.
    But like still a big IF, and personally, I don't really care if it gets implemented or not.
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  9. Vent Xekart

    Vent Xekart VIP Bronze

    I don't see the need for adding something like this especially since you can just use Spotify, Youtube, The Steam Overlay, and the Discord channel's Opbot function to stream music as mentioned by everyone else. Also, if you have Windows Media Player or whatever equivilant your PC's OS has you can just create a playlist and run it in the background while you're playing. -1
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