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  1. Espurr

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    Hey guys, fell off the world forever. Got an album for y'all
    Went for a trip down memory lane and I have "What we saw from the cheap seats" By Regina Spektor
  2. capri sun

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    Hiiiiii, today we got two albums.

    First off, the first mixtape from a band, #000000 & #FFFFFF by The Neighbourhood

    Secondly, we got the soundtrack from both Hotline Miamis

    Too lazy to go into it, one's alternative hip hop, one's electronic/techo/whateverthefuck
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  3. Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves

    One of the first real noise rock albums. Flows together extremely well despite the numerous influences it takes from. It's space, it's noisy, it's lo-fi, it's futuristic, it's everything.
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  4. Fuzzy Slug

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    Ashes on The Fire - Kohta Yamamoto

    Where are my fellow Attack on Titan fans at?
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  5. Titan

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    It's tuesday! And I'm sharing Johnny Cash's "American IV: The Man Comes Around"

    You've got to listen through this album. Every single song on it is truly incredible. I have loved the American Series albums (there are six) since they were coming out, I've written pages upon pages upon pages in uni about em, I fucking love them all for so many reasons. American IV is the album that has got the infamous Hurt cover, but going with the theme of some of the American Series albums (especially 2 and 3), this one is nearly all covers. It starts out strong as hell with one of my favorite JC songs, The Man Comes Around, and doesn't waiver.

    This is one album that I insist is perfect, cover to cover. There are covers of artists like the Eagles, the Beatles, the Ink Spots, Simon & Garfunkle, Hank Williams, as well as more traditional and folk songs that are just fucking incredible. Sure, you know "In My Life" probably, but you'll be missing out BIG TIME if you don't listen to the wonderful "We'll Meet Again" or "Streets of Laredo". This is why I get to just recommend the whole album, because if I singled out any specific song on it to be listened to over anything else, you'd be missing out on some amazing fucking songs.

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  6. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

    Looking back at this thread is fun. I’ve gone from putting down a single song to this next week where I’ll probably be talking about three albums. I may still be listening to garbage, but I’m finding more of it!
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  7. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

    Here’s what I listened to this week.

    I’ll start out with my favorite discovery, “Love is Blindness” covered by Jack White (original by U2). This cover is incredibly intense, and filled with anger. The distorted guitar solo is incredible, and the entire song screams of anger and madness. An absolute treat of intensity.

    Next, I listened to ZABA from the Glass Animals. Black Mambo had been in my playlist for around a year at this point and I finally decided to check out the entire album. This is described as a psychedelic indie pop record and features rich, tropical instrumentation that makes this a treat to listen to. The wispy vocals fit in perfectly with the unique sound style, and each song transitions beautifully to the next, melting the album into a beautiful, gooey sweet.

    I also took a listen to previously recommended Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1, and this is such an easy album to listen to. There’s something special about this group of some of the greatest musicians of their time. It makes for a road trip music type vibe that is very enjoyable to listen to.

    AURORA is an artist who was gained a lot of traction recently, mainly due to their song “Runaway” being part of a viral Tik Tok trend. Said song is the opener of the album, “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend”, which I happened to enjoy. This is more of a typical solo female songwriter Pop album. Sure, the instrumentation isn’t super interesting, lots of synths and little guitar, and the lyrics will probably make some people roll their eyes into the back of their head. Regardless, I still really liked listening to it, I liked them all and what they had to say, the music was catchy and good as well. I felt like I was listening to what AURORA really wanted to say, which I know sounds incredibly cheesy. Running with the Wolves (an alternate version of this song is what lead time me to this album) has a great chorus, Warrior and Conquerer are both incredibly catchy and Warrior especially is pretty hype. Under the Water is a breath of fresh air at the end of the album, adding a lot more intensity. Through the Eyes of a Child is a great ballad, and overall every song I really enjoyed. I will now stop talking about stupid pop albums.

    My last sample was For the first time by Black Country, New Road, previously recommended by The Memelord. An experimental rock album, it is carried by long instrumental sections and great poetic lyrics. Instrumental is a great introduction, Science Fair picks up a ton of speed in the last half, and Tyler does a fantastic job with his vocal performance. There’s a lot to come back for.

    See you next week.
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  8. Kythol

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    first chunk no captain chunk song in 5 years
    is pretty good :)

  9. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

  10. I've been on a huge Japanese experimental noise rock kick recently. One of my favorite albums of this genre is Play Standards, by Ground-Zero. The album is completely eclectic, making use of numerous samples, and the saxophone work is one of the most impressive performances I've heard. The album just takes from so many different sources, and completely mashes them all together to make something super eccentric.

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  11. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

    I got to sample two albums this week.

    Just about everyone knows a new record by Twenty One Pilots dropped on Friday, and if you’ve enjoyed other songs from the duo, I also recommend checking out Scaled and Icy. This the only Twenty One Pilots album I’ve fully sampled, but it is similar to the groups other works, albeit generally lighter and more upbeat. The two main singles Shy Away and Choker will sell you on the album, if you like these two (Shy Away particularly has a very catchy synth riff), you’ll like the rest of the album. I think it’s at its strongest at the end, “Formidable” is your pretty typical “I will love you till your dying days” type song, but Bounce Man and No Chances really take it up, with great melodies and choruses that will drive into your head. Redecorate is probably my favorite on the album, it’s just overall really nice. Overall although the album won’t break any barriers, it’ll satisfy a need for Twenty One Pilots if you want them, in a year that will receive a lot of new releases from popular alt rock bands.

    Bearcubs is an independent artist which I would probably describe as an electronic, almost lo-fi hip hop type sound, which sometimes blends instruments like steel drums to make a cool sound. Underwaterfall is just a single, and it’s been in my playlist for a long time, but I absolutely think everyone should take a listen to it. If you like it, check out what I recommend this week: their most recent album, Early Hours. It features chill beats and great electronic music that rarely feels over blown. It’s a cool sound that I’m not entirely sure how to describe, but Bearcubs is a talented small musician that I think deserves a listen.

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  12. capri sun

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    R.I.P Yams, R.I.P Mac

    At.Long.Last.A$AP - A$AP Rocky, his best album imo, just something about the vibe this brings, with L$D and M'$, amazing

    The Divine Feminine - Mac Miller, fucking shame what happened to him, he was talented as hell, and just so damn kind

  13. Espurr

    Espurr #AlwaysStabEspurr Administrator VIP

    I'm super glad this thread is still thriving without my existence, but I'm back, this week I will be recommending currents by Tame Impala
    Just something that popped in my playlists again and I've been vibing with

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