move staff channels and game night down

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by jshore, Oct 2, 2018.

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  2. Siddo

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    Imo, it'd be fine to put them between gaming and user-created channels. Or just make them invisible to people without staff roles.

    +1 game night tho, it should be moved up when active and hidden below the other 13 days.
  3. iii

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    (Edited, didn't realize you meant Team Channels)
    +1 for Team Channels going down, they used to be at the bottom
    -1 for Game Night going down, it's easier to minimize it when it's over than it is to keep moving it up and down... unless panda has that kind of permission, which I am under the impression that he doesn't.
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  4. neutral

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    +1 for staff channels. I thought that were lower.

    -0.5for game night, kinda. I'd like it to be moved to the top while the actual event is going on- but outside of that, it can be moved down during the off times.
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  5. "lets put locked staff channels at the top?"
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  6. Tedelicious

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    Or you just ask panda to make it hidden as it is closed :ROFLMAO:

    -1 on moving them as normie you have no use to have them op top. But as staff i can see and feel why they are up top.

    +1 on making them hidden to get rid of your "problem" as we have no bussiness in staff chats.
  7. wink

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    Yeah, moving the restricted content downwards would make sense in terms of making a first impression towards new discord comers, I can toast to that. If there was a way to make it completely invisible, that would be preferable... but yeah, otherwise I'm willing to compromise.

    As for game night, I liked Helix's idea of keeping it topdog for when the events are going down, and then otherwise keeping it buried.
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  8. Pacifist

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    Game night channels should be on top the day of, but otherwise shouldn't be.

    Idgaf about team channels. So long as we aren't the bottom i'm coolio.
  9. Xproplayer

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    Team channels above user created below public.
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