Most underrated gun on TTT?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wubby, Oct 15, 2020.

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    I used to use the AUG because I loved the hybrid feel of the scope and you could use it on modded or vanilla.

    I strictly use the AK-47 on both now.

    M-16 on modded used to perform differently and now it’s the same as vanilla.

    Use the AK. It’s great for close body, and you can pop some serious damage from across a map if you can control the recoil. Just don’t expect to compete with a ranged rifle.
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    Wow you're so cool for using the ak I will blow job you
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    Also amlmg us avatar keep on minf
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    Ever heard of a gun called the HK SL8, kid?
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    FUCK YOU!!
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    H.U.G.E. (not an overused joke I assure you I am funny!)
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  9. Galil, I think the HK SL8 but I can't remember the gun so maybe not this one. If it is the one I'm thinking of, its a semi and literally takes one headshot to kill. I suck at aiming so I don't capitalize on this often. The winchester as well, but not the shotgun variant. On good days I can one shot headshot people if I aim correctly.
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