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    I went to check Indy's discord messages and he has 108000 messages in 677 days which would give him an average of 159.5 messages per day. This is probably the highest in SGM but I'd like to find the top 10. So what you need to do is either give me your discord tag and I'll do it or you can do this:

    Go into the SGM discord and press CTRL + F.
    Type from:DISCORDTAG.
    Click on OLD.
    Use this site so you can see how many days ago you joined:
    Use a calculator and do Your amount of messages / Days you've been in the discord.
    Comment the result

    This would mean I have 17.267/635= 27.2 messages per day.

    Top 10 most active users:
    1. Indy226 (159.5 messages per day)
    2. Night (89.3 messages per day)
    3. Wafflecaniget (81.0 messages per day)
    4. J3kawesome (58.0 messages per day)
    5. Moleman (56.9 messages per day)
    6. Spreadsheet (44.5 messages per day)
    7. Yellow (27.2 messages per day)
    8. Titan (11.7 messages per day )
    9. Lovisa (10.5 messages per day)
    10. Sweaty_gus (9.99 messages per day)
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  2. danstorm

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  3. TragicMagic

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    Your maths is flawed.
    The first "post" in this scenario is "Yellow has joined the server" - not a message from you.
    This means you have to take away one, making it 17,266/635 = 27.1905511811

    As opposed to your 17,267/635, making 27.1921259843

    Stop trying to cheat an extra 0.0015748032 messages per day, you filthy liar - you're adding on an extra 0.574803168 messages PER YEAR (assuming its not a leap year).

    Additionally, this experiment is heavily flawed against those who use forum Shoutbox. Indy rarely (if ever?) used it from what I saw, whereas I use it many times daily. This means Indy's SB messages count towards is Discord total, and likely make up the majority of his Discord messages, whereas mine mostly do not.

    TL;DR, Yellow is a liar and a cheat and their experiment is flawed.
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  4. Yellow

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    Read the title *most active in discord* not on the forum shoutbox. You suck, you're dumb I bet you have a lower IQ than Indy!:finger:
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  5. waffle

    waffle VIP

    I joined 133 days ago and I have 10779 messages so 81.0
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  6. Silent Rebel

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    your commas are confusing as fuck wtf, does he post 159 messages a day or 1595
  7. Indy226

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  8. j3kawesome

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  9. Lovisa

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  10. tz-

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    what do i get for being the least active in discord
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  11. Lunar

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    Night just landed 08/31/2020
    [Old Account Banned smh]
    18,570 messages
    89.2788462/day [not at all accurate considering I took a break in 2019-2020]
  12. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    a pat on the back
  13. Lovisa

    Lovisa His queen :3 VIP

    A life
  14. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    can i get a new one i hate mine
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  15. Moleman

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    451 days
    25,687 messages
    56.9 messages per day
    Just under j3k. I better step up
  16. 15609 message
    became active in 19/04/2020 (343)
    [​IMG] 45,5 message/day
  17. RyanHymenman

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  18. Indy226

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    damn y'all got rookie numbers
  19. Joined 09/08/2019 (597 days ago)
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    ≈9.99 messages per day
  20. Titan

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    05/06/18 - 1057 days ago

    12,382 messages.

    11 and 5/7th messages a day. So practically 12.

    some of you lot blow me the fuck away