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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Midnight Aura, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Midnight Aura

    Midnight Aura Member

    If a (new) Mod continues to break rules after they have recently been premoted from Mod in Training, do they go back to being a Mod in training, are they kicked out from Mods or does it differ from case to case?

    I only ask because a (new and unnamed) Mod has been breaking some pretty obvious rules of RDM, and then lying (poorly) in reports. How does that affect the Mod team and what action will be taken?

    Just wondering what the values are now, what this says about the kind of people Admins are choosing and what will happen if this continues. Question is mainly for Admins, but Mod, Ex-Mod or Ex-Admin or even other members' input is also appreciated.
  2. Lion

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    Directly message the admin who's mod it is to best resolve a case. Usually, new mods are still learning and will make mistakes. This is a given for anyone. The admin will handle it on a case by case basis.
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  3. Humancowcakes❄

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    This is most likely about My Dime Is Up, he was slain for RDM that was done soooooo
    Make a report if you're really against it or speak to their admin w/ evidence
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  4. Midnight Aura

    Midnight Aura Member

    Like I said, I'm not calling out anyone. I just find this an interesting topic as I have never seen a Trial Mod or even regular mod make so many mistakes in a few hours. Thanks for the feedback!
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  5. Saturnity

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    Well I have never experienced it but I feel as if they are warned, because hey sometimes we make mistakes, I bitch slapped an admin my first day of mod with a microwave :)

    After a couple warns the admin may feel as if they need to be put back into training or just let go depending on the rules broken

    I am not an admin obviously nor have I seen anyone have this happen, so I am just going based off of what the admins seem to be like.
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  6. PiggyBlade ☣

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    Due to the current situation within the staff team, Admins are attempting to force out new mods quickly to increase the staff team's numbers. You may have seen that the current staffing situation is quite bad currently due to the lack of it. Admins are trading off short trial periods to shoot them straight into mods at the expense of quality and ability.
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  7. (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一

    (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一 Always Gray ︻デ═一 VIP

    Though this is not the first time that a Moderator has abused protocol or their power, there are proper channels to follow. In your shoes I would go to this page TTT Staff Team And find the Admin/Lead they are under in that order, follow the chain of command and report them with some evidence backing you accusations. Being a Mod is a privilege, not a right here. As someone who gave 10 months to the community as a staff member I know that Mods should be held to a higher regard than your average player, the fact that there is a Trial/Mod out there abusing this should be brought to the attention of their supervising admin so that proper actions may be taken to preserve the Staff team and even more so the community as a whole. Please do your part and report them properly.
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  8. t0xic

    t0xic Best Member Banned VIP Bronze

    give em some slack @Midnight Aura . The staff team is small as fuck right now, and I'm sure they need every applicant that they can get, quality aside.

    Let them abuse their powers a little without punishment so they won't get demoted so there'll still be people to staff the servers.

    I understand your frustration but we need to let these low quality staff members play the game how they want and not have them demoted.
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  9. My Dime Is Up

    My Dime Is Up It's go time VIP

    I have added you on steam so we can chat and clarify any questions you may have.
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  10. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP

    Guess that's why you got admin.. :oops:
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  11. Midnight Aura

    Midnight Aura Member

    Thanks, but I will be declining your request on Steam at this time. I do not currently have any questions for you, but if I have any I will most likely go to an experienced Mod or Admin, or I will ask publicly like this. Thank you for your offer though.
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  12. Floof

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    I guess this is why he got banned... :oops: :eek: ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️
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