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Solved [Modded TTT] You get stuck on grenades thrown

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Aarow, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. Aarow

    Aarow VIP

    You get stuck on grenades thrown
    Applies to:
    Modded TTT
    It's completely unfair to good players that can normally get away from grenades to end up being stuck on one looking like an imbecile as it explodes​
    Steps to Recreate:
    Throw a grenade at people and try walking over it​
  2. Destiny Blade

    Destiny Blade before we fade Moderator VIP Bronze

    I believe this is a source glitch rather than a game glitch if I remember correctly. Its kind of a similar situation as to when we walk over some props and we get stuck on them as well.
  3. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    It's because frags aren't set to the right collision group though, you shouldn't get stuck on other grenade types.
  4. Doubt this will be fixed, even though it just takes 1 line of LUA to change the collision group
  5. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    Hear that @Opalium he's dissing my ur code
  6. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster I'll remember you, if you remember me. <3 VIP

    I can also confirm that this also happens on Vanilla. It's probably the main reason why I spam incen grenades on vanilla.
  7. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster I'll remember you, if you remember me. <3 VIP

  8. I ell this happened to me once. When I tried to get away from frag grenade and walked over it I got stuck jumping saved me from immediate doom.
  9. Daddy Nexxus

    Daddy Nexxus Toxi-Fessional VIP

    Got me proven once:

  10. Qwesi

    Qwesi VIP

    Second bump, this should be looked into.
  11. Weiss

    Weiss Elite

    still funny
  12. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    how the fuck are you so dumb you whiffed that nade
  13. Daddy Nexxus

    Daddy Nexxus Toxi-Fessional VIP

    Lagged out, weird glitch whenever I would activate my mic I cut out for like a quarter second. Just so happened to coincide with me priming the frag
  14. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Not Pb Admin Community Manager Lead Admin Elite

    This bug is hilarious. Please keep.

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  15. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Owner Developer VIP Silver

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