Investigating [Modded TTT, Vanilla TTT] Missing Knife sound when pulled out

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Ruki, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. MrUnknownShadow™

    MrUnknownShadow™ What it do babyyyy™ Moderator VIP

    Thats what happened to me I still haven't figured how to fix it
  2. yesdaddy

    yesdaddy Active Member

    im 99% sure that wont fix it
  3. RyanHighman

    RyanHighman What if the world was round Moderator VIP

    It sounds like an issue with either the fastDL or the mp3 since the knife sounds dont come from your local CSS files. Its a small issue, since it doesnt affect gameplay at all, but it would be a nice aesthetic fix (when Mr.Highwon has time)