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Investigating [Modded TTT] Terrortime: People have no weapons

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Timo654, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Timo654

    Timo654 +1 my mod app Moderator Legendary

    Terrortime: People have no weapons
    Applies to:
    Modded TTT
    Some people didn't spawn with weapons in terrortime.​
    Steps to Recreate:
    Play the funround, we had like 30 players​
  2. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Owner Developer VIP Silver

    Should be solved now. Let me know if it happens again.
  3. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Member

    Still happening in vanilla EU server of TTT

    Just minute ago we had terror time bonus round, which only one had the wep (shotgun skin, but the person who was wielding it had the "error" model on it) and for others it said "innocent" in their role window.
  4. yep, still happening, but now no one has weapons, so the round is delayed until everyone will die
  5. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Member

    Not only that, but the problem persits on normal rounds too. After first terrortime, the next round had terrortime too, with same problem, but after everyone getting killed (by /kill command in console), the next round that did not show terrortime still had problem with people being holstered and cant pick up weps.
  6. Teroxa

    Teroxa Selbsttäuschung. Moderator Elite

    Just happened again on EUnilla.
    Had no other choice than to !slay * through the whole map. The mapchange was the only way to get it fixed.
    Didn't discover anything unusual in the console.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018 at 1:00 AM
  7. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary


    actually hilarious

    but you're fucking peoples stats shouldnt !slay * work (it does in default ulx configs)
  8. Teroxa

    Teroxa Selbsttäuschung. Moderator Elite

    Whoopsie, did I say !aslay? I meant !slay *
  9. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    Still funny. Please someone post a video.
  10. Timo654

    Timo654 +1 my mod app Moderator Legendary

    !slay also counts in stats though.