Solved [Modded TTT] Rigged Traitor weapons crediting Innos for the kills

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    Rigged Traitor weapons crediting Innos for the kills
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    Modded TTT
    While playing a round on West I picked up a Newton Launcher and after trying to fire it it exploded on me since it was a rigged weapon. I had picked it up from [MZK]Lightning's body and the kill was credited to them, who were inno. Logically they lost karma for it which is how I noticed this was an issue. I asked Lightning if they had the rigged weapons upgrades and they told me they did not have the explosive one meaning that it wasn't a bug that caused the upgrade to be applied regardless of being inno or traitor. As you can imagine this can easily become an issue for both the victim of this bug and a mod team having to handle it if the rigged weapon that credits the inno ends up killing a crowd of people it leading to the mods unknowing how to handle that situation or them unjust-fully getting slain, or worse, getting banned.​
    Steps to Recreate:
    I'm uncertain how exactly to replicate it but I have a theory and haven't tested it due to it needing multiple players and other specifications. What I assumed caused it was a T normally dropping dead and dropping their T weapons rigged. Later an inno pick it up and dies aswell and when another player, most likely inno, picks up and tries to use it, they will die or explode and the credit will go towards the inno that died, making the first inno to die to lose karma.​
    All evidence I could gather before the map changed was the damage logs showing it. I asked Lightning for help since they were confused aswell but something happened on their end that caused them to leave game and couldnt rejoin before the map change.[​IMG]
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    This should be fixed.