Denied mitchelldog128's Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by mitchelldog128, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. If you had more proof should have posted it all in the beginning if its more clips of me shooting an ak then it's a waste of time.
  2. ZeRo

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    Posting to YouTube takes some time. It takes even more when you consider most of our staff are still in school. So please be patient and all of these issues will be worked out in the end.
  3. @Guilty-Crown Since you're here i have a question is this ban global or local (west 2 only) because no one said anything yet and if its going to take a week to close this thread i might as well take a false ban because i rarely play on west 2.
  4. ZeRo

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    Local to West 2 only. It's not global.
  5. @Guilty-Crown Just wondering why are some local and some global? Knowledge for Knowledges sake.
  6. FrostedBlade

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    Players are banned locally on the server that they commit punishable acts on. When a player's ban history reaches the point of concern, Administrators use discretion to globalize future offenses as a means of further discouragement for breaking rules.
  7. ink

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    Thank you for keeping up with me, @mitchelldog128 . I appreciate your encouragement. Well, after passing a bit time on getting this video uploaded, here it is:

    The reason why I believed that you had recoil hacks are obvious that you had been killing players with no recoil the entire 2 videos and also that twice, you had used an entire magazine and experienced no recoil at all. Also, the reason why I believed that you had been aimbotting as well(but were turning it off and on just so you don't act too blatantly obvious), was due to the kill you had gotten on me at 0:54,where I had jumped but you had instantly shot again and killed me under 1 second, and the kill you had gotten where you snapped to the player's head in the vent [previous video]

    IMO, if this is not considered hacking, the only way hackers can be caught is if they teleport through walls or have infinite hp. However, I will let the rest of the community decide on my verdict.

    If even with this evidence, your innocence is proven, you will be un-banned from west 2 and your ban will be voided.
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  8. Sinz

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    This video substantiates the ban issued against you.

    Appeal denied.
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