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Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by Magdooda, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Magdooda

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    I haven't played for about a year and came on for a couple rounds and noticed i was missing a bunch of stuff from the point shop.
    Heres a list of the stuff i'm missing from each category:
    Jihad sounds: Do The Flop, Americuh, Leeroy Jenkins, Sucks Camel, Loud Noises.
    Models: Cat Woman, Moxxi, Spiderman.
    TTT: Maxed Punch-o-Meter Boost, Maxed Radar Scan.
    I'm missing some other upgrades but can't remember which.
    Pls halp
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  2. Magdooda

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  3. Dodley27

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    I was about to say that this is because of the rollback but now I notice that you mentioned upgrades that I can find, atleast the last time I played.
  4. Magdooda

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    I got most of the stuff i mentioned in between 2014-2016 when i played loads and the rollback is 2017, so none of my stuff should be gone, but most of it is
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