Misconception/counter-productive behaviours that many players have?

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  1. Old Fox

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    What do you think are the common misconception, counter-productive behaviours, ineffective strategies, etc.. that many players have?
    I will start:
    1) When there are 2 players left:
    The spectators will yell (just kill each other), but sometimes the innocent just doesn't know it's 1 v 1 because there are people Missing in Action.
    2) Using mic when being in disguise.
    3) Entering the t room in front of everybody or open the t room for all innos to go in.
    4) Being a traitor and tart shooting when being forced to test. You can't be killed for refusing to test on here.
    5) Being a traitor and start shooting back at somebody who is t baiting you
    6) Being a traitor and shoot ppl in the open or shoot a crowd:
    Unless you have god aims (some do), doing that properly will get you called out and killed in a 1 v. many situation. Traitors sometimes have to be discreet in their approaches.
    7) Not paying attention to the KOSes in chat or on voice.
    8) The interpretation of the rule.
    The rule defines what can be done and what is in the limit, not what should be done. A player may do a traitorous acts (shooting other people, walking past unIDeds, etc..) either deliberately or inadvertently, but that does not always mean he is a traitor (he could be shooting another traitor, he could be busy chasing another traitor so he did not have time to ID the bodies, etc..).

    Traitorous acts should be looked as both validations and reasons to kill somebody.
    - Validation is the response that you give in a report when you are asked why you killed somebody, which means validation should always be traitorous act(s) (walking past unIDeds, shooting another person, GBA, etc..).
    - Reason is why you think he is a traitor, which means that reason does not always have to be within the rule, but something you keep to yourself in your reasoning process (he looks suspicious, he was holding a rare weapon that was used to kill somebody recently, etc..)

    This completely changes the reasoning process when it comes to killing another player or not. For example, I can be
    - Active in my reasoning process. This means that when I find somebody suspicious, wait for them to make a traitorous acts then kill them.
    - Passive in my reasoning process. This means that I only react to somebody that does traitorous acts.

    Most players, however, can be quite passive. This leads them to either shoot an innocent that is trying to kill a traitor, or do not anticipate attacks from traitors.
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  2. Lordyhgm

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    nOt PaYiNg AtTeNtIoN tO tHe KoSeS iN cHaT oR oN vOiCe.

    ty to everyone who does you are a godsend, but pls don't do it when I'm T tyvm

    But yeah most of these are quite common, however sometimes it's tactics, you know one of my strategies: deal as much damage as possible even if I die, I'll have taken out det and done more than my dues as a traitor to my team
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  3. silverstevie

    silverstevie Supporter

    Being killed RIGHT AFTER you just killed a T, cause you know, you were shooting at someone and they got scared...
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  4. Elvis

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    Can I get a tl;dr holy shit
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  5. Death

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    Ha! "Scared", yeah right.. They were probably killed you to ruin the rest of your round :oops:
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  6. Scotty

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    Ergo shit that people do that makes them bad or stupid.
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  7. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    Getting reported and telling it to everyone in voicechat, even though nobody gives a D A M N
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  8. Lordyhgm

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    traitors rarely act on innocents commiting t acts for fear of being killed
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  9. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    Getting slain for killing a rdmer
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  10. BlueGalaxy

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    An all time classic.
  11. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    I dont know if this counts in, but...

    Plant C4, yell on traitor mic when u planting C4 that there is C4, after C4 gets boom bam badam bang, one of your fellow T buddies dies by C4 and reports you for rdm...

    I should make keybind to fill these kind of reports with "congrats, I yell on traitor mic there is C4, you dont pay attention, oyur fault, kiss my lips..."
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  12. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald Ran Ran Ru! VIP

    Being traitor and getting killed for other traitor kill in the same room counts?
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