Minor Suggestion for the first round of a map

Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Tinbuster00, Oct 19, 2015.

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    For the very first round of a map, the time someone can spawn in should be extended.

    I've noticed that the first round of the map usually will just have a death and three players. Five seconds into the round the other ten people will have connected and end up having to wait a round to spawn. The time it takes to kill those three people can either be relatively quick or normal round length.

    TTT deals with this issue nicely by having 45(i think) of preparing as opposed to the 15 (?) seconds in following rounds.
    For deathrun I think it would work nicely if the pre-round timer was at 15 or so for the first round as opposed to the 5 seconds it is normally. An extra 10 seconds isn't a whole lot longer to wait and it allows for more people to play on the first round.

    Not a big problem, but waiting is boring and this seems like something that is relatively simple to implement.
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  4. We'll look into changing it for the next weekly DR update
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    Also semi related cause it deals with the first round of the map so I thought I'd just post it here.
    but not actually the "last" since it kills them at the beginning
    On the first round of the map occasionally one or two people get slain by the afk killer. Doesn't happen all the time thought. I think @Ryan~ said it only happens to the first person (though rarely it happens to two it seems) who joins the server.
    The auto killer works 100% fine the rest of the time it's only the first round of a new map it's a bit wonky. I just suggest changing it so if it's the first five seconds of the round (the time where everyone is frozen anyways) the auto killer just doesn't kill someone.
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    I made the first round preparing time 15 seconds.
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  7. Now I will commit more time to death run
    The first round is always the slowest and I never make it