Minecraft AFK Farming with Minecraft Console Client

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    Hey guys, as some of you may know I tried creating my own bot using MineFlayer (for Node.js) a while back but our plugins made it not want to work. As @The Law already found out, AFKing in the standard client is hard because of the server restarts.

    So I found a solution, this fantastic application here: https://github.com/ORelio/Minecraft-Console-Client

    Now, unfortunately, the released version of that client is not compatible with 1.11.2, but their indev branch has it. I've compiled it and ran it successfully for a couple days on and off. If you would like to compile it for yourself, you'll need Microsoft Visual Studio w/ C# installed, otherwise you can use my attached download.

    Usage Tutorial

    Go ahead and download my zip. If you've chosen to compile it yourself, you still need my zip for the config, however if you're building it you can figure out how to configure it for yourself.

    Unzip it, you'll see a filelist which should look like this:

    Now, you can just open "README.txt" and follow the instructions there, or you can continue here and get pictures.

    So first you'll want to open "MinecraftClient.ini" in your favorite text editor. All you really need to change to get up and running is at the top, "login" and "password". You will want to put your MC account username and your MC account password in there, keep in mind this isn't required - if you leave either blank it'll prompt you to enter it when you run the client. Make sure to save the file once you've added them.


    You can skim over the other settings if you wish, but most may or may not be pertinent to you. Definitely don't change anything in the "[ChatFormat]" section as those are custom regexes so it recognizes our chat.

    Optionally you can change the plugin configurations, there are more plugins than the 4 you see below, however I'm only covering the 4.

    AntiAFK is simple, the configuration I've included makes it enabled, and it will send the command "/ping" every 4 minutes to keep the server from labeling it as AFK. Not really essential, you can change it from "enabled=true" to "enabled=false" if you don't care about it.

    AutoRelog is essential - this makes the bot relog if it gets kicked (like when the server restarts). You can see it depends on the kickmessagesfile - which I've included as "kickmessages.txt". You'll see this file in the extracted folder as well. Do not delete lines from the file, you can add some if for whatever reason you need to, but don't remove them. They are the various messages I found while testing to make sure it always logged in.

    ChatLog I default to disabled, but you can enable it if you want. It is simple, it just logs the chat to a text file. Bam.

    And last but not least, RemoteControl. If you're running the AFK client for an alternate account and not your main account, you can use remote control and the "owners.txt" file. I've got it enabled by default, but if your "owners.txt" file is empty it won't work. To use remote control, simply add your username (in lowercase) to the "owners.txt" file. If you use nicknames, you need to add any nicknames you might use to the owners.txt file on new lines, including the squiggly (~). Like:

    Once you've changed everything you've felt the need to change, just launch "MinecraftClient.exe" and a command prompt window should open up, it should (eventually) connect, etc.

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