Might as well re-re-make one of these...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Shaddoll, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Shaddoll

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    A few of y'all know from being an old mod here. A lot of you, however, are newer faces and I'm planning on being a bit more active on the forums here and reconnecting with a few old faces. Can't wait to play with a lot of you again. And for y'all who don't know me I'm a broke, emo, depressed Yu-Gi-Oh! nerd who has a really bad weed habit as well. Woo. So if you think we have a bit in common, don't be a stranger!

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  2. Mr. Disco

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  3. can i just call u shadman
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  4. Shaddoll

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    sure lol
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  5. thx
  6. Pacifist

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    Hey man welcome back.
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  7. Espurr

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    Welcome back
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  8. Elvis

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    Its dope af to see you back
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  9. sportakus1

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    Dont know you.

    But based on other´s reactions, I can say... welcome back.
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  10. .shirt

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    Welcome back man, always good to see an old head.
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  11. One of the few old mods that haven't been permabanned yet.
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  12. Panduh

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    im suprised
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