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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Inquisitor Bubonic, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Witchking

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    Go sacrifice children or smth
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  2. ayygurl_

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    more prog:

    still prog:

    Gojira, Igorrr and Zeal & Ardor in one week!
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  3. giraffe ☯

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    I wish I knew this was here sooner. I got this, yo. Anything that shows the youtube video I highly recommend, especially Between the Buried and Me and Caligula's Horse

    Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons

    Tool - Jambi

    Thank You Scientist - The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook

    The Contortionist - Language 1 & Language 2

    Haken - Cockroach King <- Highly recommend

    Opeth - Ghost of Perdition

    Native Construct - Come Hell or High Water

    Meshuggah - Bleed

    Coheed and Cambria - The Dark Sentencer <- Highly recommend

    Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia EP

    Animals As Leaders - CAFO

    TesseracT - Of Matter

    Protest the Hero - C'est La Vie

    The Mars Volta - Cicatriz ESP

    If any of those catch your interest hit me up. I'll recommend you some more songs by them
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    Hell yeah, love those guys!
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  5. Ruki

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  6. ayygurl_

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    i see prog, i like
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  7. Bruno

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  8. so heavy :D
  9. Ruki

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  10. ECHO-6251

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    Here are some personal favorites of mine: (PART 1/2)
    Tech Death -

    Deathcore/Tech Death -

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  11. ECHO-6251

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    (PART 2/2)

    Drone Doom Metal -

    Prog Metal -

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  12. danstorm

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    Headbanging and footstopming all the way :)
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  13. Ruki

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    2m24s probably best evil laugh I've heard in a song

  14. Grimoire+

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  16. ayygurl_

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    ayy some guy told me to listen to the faceless recently, i really like the cleans
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  17. ayygurl_

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    this shit's so good

  18. Ruki

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    Another Visuel Kei band I've started recently listening to
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  19. Ruki

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    More people need to see how this dude plays
  20. Zuko

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