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  1. I've been struggling a lot in Men In The Middle due to the fact that you cannot really break props/pathways reliably with the weakened UMP.

    I think a Crowbar should be added so you can at the very least break things like glass/metal/wood that generally opens up shortcuts and alternative pathways.

    Whether or not this is also a damaging option is not really my concern, but if it has to do damage to work, I think giving both sides a crowbar with the Men in The Middle getting a faster firing speed + insta kill crowbar would keep the game balanced in the off-chance that the innocent players decide to melee rush The Middles.
    It would also open up some options for how people want to play the mode since I often hear a lot of dislike towards the mode in general.
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    I agree with adding the crowbar to break through windows etc. I dont like the though of it being 1 hit kill though bc alot of people tend to try to get really close to the red dude cause hes using a sniper. It would make mitm rounds fast and even more unfun than they already are
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  4. My only thoughts are if it has to have damage to function, otherwise the current UMP could just have the ability to break props too.
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