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    Who we talking here?
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    bit old for this isn’t it your asking for a reply to a over a month old message.
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  3. Coinston

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    -Phelan (I challenge you to pronounce it correctly from reading it)
    -I lived in a school bus for 3 years when my parents lost their jobs due to a recession. They turned it into an RV and we drove across the US, up to Canada ada and into Mexico and Guatemala. I have also traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, England, Nicaragua, and Australia sometime soonish. I have hearing loss which i was born with.
    -My favorite food is probably mashed potatoes or Blueberries
    -My pet peeve is when I see people not trying, I understand not being able to do something for a reason but when people just don't even bother trying I avoid being around them.
    -My dream job is something in biology preferably marine/fisheries related but the subject as a whole interests me.
    -My favourite game will always be Fate, I had it on a shitty laptop and it was my first game which really introduced me with basic mechanics and is why I enjoy fantasy styled stuff today even if I never play it anymore.
    -I am doing ok, starting to get bored with a lack of school but online school might start soon which I hope isn't too bad.
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  4. The Muffinman

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    You are the second person I have ever seen with that same spelling in your name that awesome
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    I enjoy gaming, animals, and watching netflix n hulu.
    Beef Stroganoff<3
    I honestly HATE when people spam in voice chat.
    I wanna be a veternarian.
    I'm doing spectacular (y)
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