Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hongo, Jun 10, 2019.

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    ArRaYs StArT At OnE
  2. Hongo

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    no, fuck that. i dont want to be a mod lmfao but if i was i'd do a damn good job at it because of the way i've needed to cattle prod staff to do stuff correctly
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  3. Togo ✿

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    Take it from me staffing this server is pretty easy, If you got staff you would do a great job
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  4. Hongo

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    ya, i've been staff before, but I don't want to here because I don't agree with the mentality that [those who would be my overseers] have. Call it, creative differences.
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  5. Elvis

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    I disagree.

    Lua is just as hard as any other language, besides maybe python, to learn and master enough to be able to code full "items" or whatever you want to create for the server. And unless you are very skilled in lua you wont be able to accurately fix many things bc you dont know particularly how they work nor would you know how to identify and fix any problems you MAY be able to find.
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  6. Elvis

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    This has been stated before. Quality or quantity. You may have 40 mods, but only 20 of them know how to actually staff a server. Id MUCH rather have 20 people who know what they are doing and dont get an accepted report every day, than 40 staff, half of which give false slays half the time because they dont now how to use what they need. And even if they DO know how to staff a server, attitude and personality 100% matters in picking staff. If you have a player that gets into fights all the time in shoutbox, then why would they pick them up as a staff member, only to do the same thing but with a mod rank? A staff member is supposed to be the face of the community. Supposed to present the image of what SGM stands for and uphold it.

    Its also a matter of: How many people are actually applying? Because I nor you hongo, can see this, theres no way to tell if we even have enough people applying to fill those slots. Since the *fake* shutdown was announced, I can only ASSUME that there arent nearly enough people applying anymore in fear of another hicup that makes highwon pull the plug again. This is actually why I havent applied again. I dont want to put in the time and effort in staffing a server and only have it go completely downhill and my time be completely wasted bc highwon doesnt want to keep the servers up anymore.

    I agree that we need a dev. There are plenty of people on gmodstore that are more than willing to do things for a price. They wont be a full time hire, but will do things that need to be done for a price. Ive seen people take 20 bucks to code things, ive seen people take 200 to code a full, working server with exceptional work being put into it. I know, I know, this isnt the route that highwon is going to take. He could take all donations made from this server and put it towards that, bc he has already publicly said that he doesnt need this place to make money. And isnt that what donations go towards anyway? Keeping the server up and running? Doesnt hiring a dev to work out any kinks or major flaws a server has, count as keeping it up and running?

    I think with paci being lead now, there will be alot more done bc teroxa has a lot of weight being taken off his shoulders. BTW @Pacifist congrats on lead buddy youll make a fine one i know
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  7. CorallocinB

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    the last time there was a co-owner things went south

    the more you know

    I havent read more than 1 sentence in this entire thread. dont revert. keep things small. dont appease the loud minority.
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  8. Vent Xekart

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    That sounds kind of contradictory if you ask me.
    Whatever floats your boat, chuck.
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  9. Hongo

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    typical sgm shill. not listening and just cross examining me :wacky:
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    lol what’s this about, ur daddy ?
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    Nah, if I was a shill I'd actually be getting paid to be one.