Max Speed Upgrades (Stop the cheesing)

Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Adam is the D, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. So on maps like dr_minecraft, some people can finish it within 30 seconds because of bhoppers that go 700 speed throughout the map, so here's an idea:

    Have the speed capped to about 450, which is probably reasonable. And have maybe 4-8 upgrades with like 25/50+ speed each upgrade. It would stop a lot of people being able to beat maps in ridiculous times.
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    I don't see why everyone is targetting Bhopping, it is a style. A style that takes skill(less with autohop) and dexterity, being able to control yourself at that speed isn't as easy as it looks. A majority of players who do this including @Pastor Todd and myself have been bhopping for a while and can a majority of the time kill people attempting to "cheese" maps. It all takes practice, nothing comes for free, don't take core elements of the game mode and make them into upgrades because you dislike the way other people play. I apologize if you find that offensive but it's what you're doing and it unnecsary.

    One more thing I'd like to point out is that in all the threads that bash bhopping, they use dr_minecraft is an exmaple. There are few if any other maps as easy to cheese as that one, if nothing else why not just remove the map instead of targetting the gameplay?
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  4. dr_minecraft is used because it's the easiest and most ridiculous to beat. 30 seconds is all it takes. But, other maps are also easy to beat. (minecraft pyramid, atomic warfare, tropical island, steamworks, ect.)
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    I don't think easy to beat is the right way to put it, I see people beat steamworks 2-3 times per rotation. Minecraft pyramid is even worse than dr_minecraft imo. Atomic warfare, again only 3-4 times per rotation. I haven't gotten the chance to play tropical island yet.

    In any case, bhopping is something at this point I think a majority of the regulars use and is fun. Some people don't like it and prefer to just bait, that's fine too. My whole point is the fact that the death can just as easily kill the bhopper as the bhopper can win or whiff and die. So theres no point in removing something that isn't broken, because it's not.
  6. i didnt say remove it, i said limit it, and add upgrades for it
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    Essentially you want to punish those who are good and make them pay to use their own skill?
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    I don't see the problem with bhopping: there's not one death run server where bhopping isn't allowed . it shouldn't be limited , honestly.
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  10. Since we've got the internet, why not make adjustments? We have a map suggestion thread and maps seem to get removed (at least on TTT) to accommodate relatively limited server capacity. Find a map with more obstacles so that bhopping is less viable to launch across the map if it's such a big issue. I'm terrible at bhopping, even with autohop, but I appreciate the coordination required to do it. If bhopping really needs to be limited, instead of demanding upgrades to achieve bhop efficacy, how about suggesting maps with more obstacles/turns/hiccups instead of complaining about bhoppers? If you really want to keep a map that people breeze through with bhopping, why not take up a constructive approach and modify the map itself, since I believe maps/objects/etc. on GMod fall under the "public use" category, then present said map for testing/implementation. Sure, it'll take more time than simply complaining about something you like, but if you take an effort to accommodate yourself without depreciating the abilities that others have honed through practice, you can at least not seem like such a selfish prat.
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  11. I completely disagree with this speed cap suggestion. Blame the maps not the bhoppers. There are a lot of deathrun maps where bhopping is not a viable solution all the way, like deathrun_challenging.
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    ...Is it bad that I sort of want this? Or at the very least, different modes that allow for you to acquire more points that limits your movement/speed? :-/
  13. meh