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    idk maybe sum Big shaq Confirmed?
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    Lol yeah
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    For all your math questions, Just google them or use Wolfram / Symbolab
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    Prove this is true or you don't have a college education that focused on mathematics.
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    a random bullshit thread. get used to it
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    honestly why are people over complicating it when the function is clear.

    There's no 8 * -4 because it was not stated that the original problem was 8x x = -4.

    This is about is pointless as "Is water wet?" Stop over complicating shit in life, this is super simple, there's only adding and subtracting. And no, just because there's no space in "8-4" does not mean it is 8*-4, that's moronic.

    But I might be over complicating this, because it could be a fucking meme, but it seems like some people are firm on their answers.

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    just lock this thread, it literally has no point lol
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