Malfunction Pistol Suggestion

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Throw nade when shot?

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  1. Pokeben10

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    It'd be cool that if you were to shoot someone holding a grenade with a malfunction pistol, they would throw the grenade. Just tested it with Grumble and it currently just forces the target to a gun and shoots.

    Feel free to leave what you think and why below.
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  2. I +1 to this;

    This would add much more functionality and viability to the malfunction pistol, allowing it to be used more frequently and making it much more funny to see an inno or detective just destroy a crowded place with their incends or even better, frags that people like to tease with.
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  3. Hashira

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    +1 hell yea
  4. Vent Xekart

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  5. Elvis

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    From what ive see. Testing with @Harvest it doesnt even force them to a gun, it just does nothing unless they have a gun out.

    +1 for all items they could currently be holding


    I always thought itd be cool if there was different things u could make the malfunction pistol do to ppl. For example if if could use up all your ammo in one shot, making the shot person perform a fake jihad sound and a jihad holding pose(would obviously not actually explode). Would be a pretty good prank if u ask me
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