make micspam no longer a bannable offense

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by optimal, Oct 6, 2019.

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    I wanna ask a question here, if someone micspams when they're dead, why not just mute and then unmute when the next round starts? If they do it again during a round when they could have useful info, gag them.
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  2. PatootShrimp

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  3. [MZK]Lightning

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    Micspamers intentionally interfere with the intended flow of in-game communication, and also generally annoy or harass people in game.

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  4. RyanHighman

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    also why? mic spam is one of the most annoying things to encounter in a full server. can you imagine having 5 people blaring into their mic and not being able to ban them? I mean, yeah, you could just leave them gagged, but they will get auto ungagged on map change, and will just do it again. Why keep them in the server?
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  5. Orion

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    This is like saying RDM should be allowed because we have karma. If someone is being toxic, why keep them around?
  6. Of course!
    You can simply just mute a person, if you're that lazy to the point where you can't even do this, then this just lowers my opinion of this community even more
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  7. RyanHighman

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    staff can’t mute players since we still have to moderate them. And why should mic spam not be punishable? that’s like saying mass RDM shouldn’t be ban able since we can just keep slaying them. The reason for the ban is because it’s evident that they will keep RDMing, this will stop them for 5+ days. Whereas if you just slay them, they will RDM someone else and ruin their round.

    Can you tell me why mic spam shouldn’t be punished the same way? Why that type of toxic behavior should just be allowed? Is someone who is purposefully being a troll or spamming the type of person we want playing on the servers? Keep in mind these punishments are meant to keep the server fun and playable for everyone else. They aren’t there because we don’t want that specific person to have fun, it’s that they are doing it at the expense of everyone else
  8. RDMing is WAY different from mic spam. One of them you can't do a different action, but this one - you can. If a mute feature exists, you should use it. In this case - it's practically useless, because you literally ban the person that's micspamming, then there's no one to mute! RDM - you ruin a person's round. Micspam - you bother the other person? What the fuck? This is entirely unnecessary! Of course toxic behaviour shouldn't be allowed, but if you treat it the same way as RDM, then that's just complete nonsense...
    RDM 3rd offense - 3 autoslays.
    Mic spam 3rd offense - 8 hour ban? You guys really need to change some stuff up
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  9. littlememe

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    it's useful when there isn't a mod on (y)
  10. RyanHighman

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    You do bring up a good point. Perhaps there is some room for discussion on putting in a 3rd offense gag. Maybe a map gag? But the next question is still the same. Why put the responsibility on the entire rest of the server to find and mute someone? Especially when one staff member can do it. I would also be down for reducing the mic spam ban for 3rd offense, and adding a 4th offense. But while individual mic spam might seem like a minor offense compared to RDM (which it normally is), it has a much higher ceiling than RDM does. A server with just 3 mic spammers is so much harder to staff than a server with even 10 RDMers. I am more lenient when it comes to mic spam, and will only gag for random loud “funny” noises if it’s contributing to already existing mic spam. Mic spam in a full server is a lot different than mic spam in a 10 player server. The only time I think i’ve ever banned for micspam on a server under 20 players is when it’s genuinely been earape.

    And another point against your “mute button” argument: Staff cannot mute people locally. We have to keep everyone unmuted to listen for KOSes and micspam. I am for sure open to a discussion for reducing mic spam punishment, or changing protocol, but I am hole heartedly against removing the ban aspect. At some point rather than keeping them in the server, they gotta go if all they are doing is causing trouble.
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  11. Are you trying to say that doing this action is hard? Staff member's don't necessarily need to hear KOSes, they can be said in chat. You do make a good point by hearing micspam. If one staff member can do it, then he'll ban all of the micspammers. The people - just mute them.

    10 RDMers - killers, versus 3 micspammers who you can mute, where as RDM - you can't do anything about it. This is a very extreme comparison, might I add.

    Either you reduce it WAY more, or remove it completely.

    They don't necessarily come to the server just to mic spam, do they? What if a man also wants to play, but gets banned for 8 hours?
    They do gotta go, but in a different way. If you just do the same thing for EVERY single rule, then that's just unoriginality...
    haha ban go brrr
  12. Aquast

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    i like mic spaming
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  13. a CrAzY gObLiN

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  14. who asked you
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  15. RyanHighman

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    We do need to hear KOSes tho. Just because they can be called out in chat, doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming out from a mic. The reason staff need to here KOSes more than anyone else is his scenario: Player A gets killed by Player B. Player B claims it was because of a KOS called by Player C, or they don’t remember who called it. But since staff have Player C locally muted, they cant prove if they did or did not call the KOS, so the report would end as word vs word.

    I said as Staff mic spammers are much more difficult than RDMers. If someone is mic spamming or plays a trumpet while you’re doing reports, you have to stop doing those reports and try and catch who did it. If you have multiple people talking and someone spamming in the middle of it, making it impossible to tell who it is, it is very difficult to catch them. Now if you add 2 more intentional mic spammers to the mix, and it becomes pretty toxic and loud.

    I can do 30 reports in 1 map ez, but if I have a much of mic spammers I have to deal with, that number gets reduced greatly

    Also gonna throw in that I don’t think i’ve every banned someone that didn’t mean to mic spam. If you accidentally spam loudly 3 times, that is extremely unlucky, but even then, probably wouldn’t get you a ban. I only have ever gotten to the point of banning people who are clearly intentionally mic spamming. I don’t remember the last time we had an appeal for a mic spammer, because 99% of the time, they are just there to troll
  16. Ted

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    In the current game setting we "need" to have clear comms to hear the kos's or even to hear the placement of a T iten or a C4 beep. This is no way i mean that everybody has to shut up.


    The current system is in a way we have to hear it first. Then have to be lucky to catch them in the act (so this is already kinda annoying at that point for a lot of players) then we warn them shortly.

    After this they have to micspam again for us to rgag them. Which gives them already a full round (+current round) to think about what they have done wrong.

    Then after this we still have the leniency of letting them play and micspam again.

    The ban itself is 8h short, so in best case scenario a micspammer can get 2 bans in 1 day. 1 during the morning and 1 in the evening. Although very unlikely I have seen quite a few people with 2 bans of micspam on the same day.

    If you still think they do not have enough options to reduce their micspam, then i strongly advice them to seek out a gime like cod or fortnite and just scream 24/7.

    Keep in mind that while we punish for it, we need to get the evidence of it too. So somebody earraping dead people while we are alive is somebody we do not punish unless we get the evidence or die and hopefully can hear him in the act.
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