make micspam no longer a bannable offense

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by optimal, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Najm

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    If you manually mute someone everyone else will still hear their "game information", except for you. That's a clear disadvantage.
    That's not the case if they are gagged for everyone.
  2. Dani Phantom

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    You have a disadvantage compared to who? The other innocents in your team who will have an easier time to get points for themselves? I don't really see the issue here as it is a team game.

    DocFox already brought that up and I already pointed out that you also cannot hear KOSes from people who are banned.

    I honestly don't know if you're joking or actually seriously defending yourself here. People have told you on the servers that you talk too much, interrupt others too much and generally take up 90% of voice chat whenever you're there. You then say that you never mic spam. Then a guy posts definitive proof of you saying the same word over and over and over while other normal people are just speaking normally and playing the game. Your defense: This is not mic spam. Somehow.

    Then a completely different guy comes in and says that you and another rando started voice spamming. You then defend yourself by saying're not the only one?? I'm sorry, who are you quoting when you're saying "only"? The guy you're responding to said that you and another guy did it, which seems to be kind of the opposite of the "only" one. You're arguing against a point that nobody made and I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you're the only one or not.
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  3. Najm

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    > Be a T
    > Tab-Mute a mic spammer
    > Get KoSed by the mic spammer
    > You don't notice and get killed.

    TTT is not a classic Teamgame as you often dont know who your Team is. That's what the voice chat is for..

    Also the argument that you can't hear people when they are banned really isnt valid. I earlier thought you meant it as a joke but since that apparently isnt the case: It's okay to not hear KoSes of people not participating in the game.
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  4. Deadly25

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    Jesus Christ 3 new tabs in a few hours
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  5. Non-Toxic

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    Fuuuuck no
  6. Cereal KiIler

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    huge -1
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  7. tz-

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    ok i just gotta make sure everyone here nows somethin real quick...

    we're not saying to get rid of punishments for mic spam, we just dont wanna get banned anymore and also be a little more lenient when it comes to giving out those punishments

    another friendly reminder, i can say nigger 3-5 times in a row on my mic and not even get a warning pm but if my boy optimal uses a normal sounding tts robot lady he gets gagged right away

    great community standards guys really
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  8. Aria

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    I agree. If you are not going to warn/gag someone for spamming the n word or even spamming binds. Then go off and gag someone who uses a tts lady. That is whack ngl. There needs to be a standard of what is and is not spam.

    TTS ROBOT GIRL is not spam. It is Someone who doesn’t want to use their microphone so that use TTS. It’s like a normal person talking but a robot. It’s not even annoying guyS.
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  9. Skelethon~

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    Not everyone wants to hear a soundboard that repeats the same 5 lines, as it goes from funny to annoying real quick. There is still a game to be played. Even in dead chat people want to discuss things that happened in the round or other things more important than shitty trap music by a glorified DJ.

    And as much as I'd like to believe @optimal has some kind of advanced Stephen Hawking mechanism where he types something and it's said in game, I have to imagine it's just a few downloaded TTS lines.

    People who don't use their mic can use chat. Spam of any kind should be punished, whether constantly saying the n-word or a name, to music, to voice changers, to robots. They should be treated the same.

    Micspam just refers to the act of taking up voice chat for things that aren't relevant or necessary. I don't wanna mute a quarter of the server because then I can't hear game info later on if the spammer decides to stop spamming and play the game as intended.
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  10. You and @AAAAAAAAAAAAA (MiGGo) are the perfect examples of this tbh, even when the round is going. You guys play funny / good music or sounds that don't really interrupt gameplay.
    There is a MASSIVE difference between playing music or soundboarding QUACKs versus ear rape or shitty bad music or spammed racist shit\

    I think this is just an unavoidable thing unfortunately. I have the same dilemna but worse with really bad squeakers or annoying voiced people in general. If their mic audio is so bad that I grate my teeth and want to RDM them whenever they open their mouths, I have to decide between muting them or dealing with it. Muting them means I miss any KOSes or questions or gameplay related material they may say, and just because someone's mic is shitty or voice is annoying doesn't mean they can be gagged / muted by a mod. It's just a part of Gmod, always has been.
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    Excessive usage would still be punishable. There's a reason why it's called micSPAM.

    Chat doesnt get read by everyone and is often cluttered with spam from suitzoom binds of completely unrelevant information. That's not punishable though cuz it's text chat lol. It would be so much more convenient for someone like me who's too fucking lazy to talk to be able to use voicelines instead of having to rely on some monkey catching my KOS in text chat from the ocean of spam.

    That's honestly a horrible definition for micspam, cuz then anyone talking about anything that isn't round related is micspamming. I'm sure that's not what you meant though, you just want to make played voicelines an exception for no reason.

    And to the people pulling the "If I mute them, I can't hear their actual KOSes!": Why would you mute them in the first place if THEY ARE NOT SPAMMING, BUT JUST SIMPLY PLAYING A VOICE THROUGH THEIR MIC, LIKE YOU DO WITH YOUR MOUTH. Honestly kinda sounds like a you-problem if you decide to get so annoyed by a single half a second long voiceline that you feel like you are forced to mute them from tab.

    Stop with the double standards. An unrelated voiceline being played through a soundboard is no more annoying than people with big mouths talking about their dicks. Only one of those things is punishable though and I don't think anyone wants both of them to be.
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  12. Skelethon~

    Skelethon~ Young Bard Elite

    I personally don't mute people if they play a sound for a few seconds, but if they continuously do it, then it gets annoying.

    Imagine you play a 2 second sound byte. Not a huge problem. But then you play it again. And again. And again. And you're saying this is alright? I don't think so. In moderation, fine, but I don't want voice chat spammed with 2 second sound bytes. The minority of players might find it hysterical that the same shit is repeated every few moments, but I don't find it necessary or that funny.

    And there is a clear difference between players talking to one another and then one fuckface who can't stand not being the center of attention. Someone with an annoying voice or bad mic didn't choose to have that voice or maybe they can't afford a $60 headset. Micspammers who go through the trouble of downloading a program to micspam obviously chose to do that.

    Also, if we don't make micspam bannable, then what's the point of any other punishment for micspam? They're just gonna get gagged for a round every time they spam (which inevitably will be as soon as they're ungagged). As soon as the mod who was gagging them leaves, they will continue to spam. Nothing happened.

    There are a few things I agree with that have been said on this suggestion:
    • I agree that we shouldn't automatically gag people for using voice changers (that aren't overly annoying anyway)
    • I agree that 2 seconds of "spam" isn't that bad (in moderation)
    • I agree that posting game info in chat gets drowned out pretty quick by binds.
    • I agree that dead chat is a good place for spam to get some leniency
    What I don't agree with is not banning micspammers after they recieve 2 separate warnings. If all you want is some leniency, go make that suggestion and I'll give it a +1. Until then, I don't expect this suggestion to go anywhere. We have always banned players for micspam and we always will. It's only 8 hours and on one server (unless you have history), so I think these kids can deal with it. Or maybe don't play music through your shitty mic to begin with.
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  13. optimal

    optimal Elite

    leniency would be great. a 2 month ban though, for playing some music through a mic is pretty outrageous.

    like I said before, why not just be allowed to micspam while dead? doesn't hurt anybody.
  14. Skelethon~

    Skelethon~ Young Bard Elite

    but how many times have you been banned?you'd have to get banned quite a bit to get a 2 month extension
  15. optimal

    optimal Elite

    5 times. the first few times (6-7 months ago) yeah i was being annoying and playing ear rape.
  16. -Broken-

    -Broken- VIP

    +1 to removing the rule for like sound clips
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  17. kanye west

    kanye west Supporter

    exactly... i dont really see the fairness of getting gagged for saying "pee poo pee pee poo pee poo poo pee pee poo" once but people who constantly blab about shit that nobody cares about can just keep talking without even getting a warning.
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  18. Kyuu

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    I don't have much to say about this ,but I will say something. Sound quips and shit don't bother me (Ex. @optimal and his "Quack" one) when it is excessive like music, ear rape, or possibly just gross noises THAT is when it kinda tilts me atleast. I completely understand getting some leniency and I support that as much as I can. I do know that people join while staff is not on and flat out mic spam without stopping except for their battery. Which is annoying and all, but people don't like joining the server or maybe even wanna stay on the server with someone playing All Star or something in their mic. I am all for it maybe not being a bannable offense unless you do it with staff members not online or just being persistent with it. I don't wanna give this a +1 or a -1 I do believe everyone including staff and players need to level on what the punishment for mic spam should be. Love y'all.
    -Kyuu <3
  19. Adrian Shephard

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    Ye lower micspam punishment so i can finally start using my shitty as 1$ mic pls
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  20. UncleBee

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    i changed my voice back in the day, and got punished
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