Mains/Favorite and Least Favorite Overwatch Heroes

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Minimelt, May 13, 2019.

  1. Minimelt

    Minimelt The Ice Cream Dream Moderator VIP+

    Well, my main is s76 but after coming back from a 3 season hiatus I've taken a liking to baptiste and recon-form bastion. How about y'all?
  2. DoubleCaret

    DoubleCaret Elite

    I mained pharah since I played a lot of soldier in TF2 so it felt pretty natural. I quit after brigitte came out since that champ turned the meta upside down, along with doomfist it was pretty ridiculous.
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  3. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    I play everyone but wrecking ball cause im shit with him and rein cause hes a big boy and i suck with him.

    My top 7 heroes in order would be
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  4. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

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  5. Minimelt

    Minimelt The Ice Cream Dream Moderator VIP+

    Ready to work
  6. 11Cent

    11Cent : ) VIP

    Lucio is the funnest character i have played in any game, but i hate playing overwatch.
  7. Daddy Nexxus

    Daddy Nexxus Toxi-Fessional VIP

    Smoke, Mira, Jackal yeah
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  8. Floof

    Floof Ball of Floof Banned VIP Silver

    Anyone added doomfist and later ruined the game.

    Mains were dva junkrat tracer reaper s76 lucio widowmaker

    I tried to have 2 mains from each of attack defense tank and support.
  9. Takagi-san

    Takagi-san Banned Supporter

  10. zarya gang
  11. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    support main, best with lucio, but i also play a mean torb, orisa, junk and a dva
  12. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    Getting back into Overwatch im seeing less and less people play healer. Every game ive played ive had to switch to healer just to have at least 1, and then I get blamed for not healing enough like bitch im gold healing at 8.5k and gold damage at 11k with zen like tf im doing your job and mine??

    Im starting to heal more and more none-the-less. Moira is an incredible healer but im realizing shes not for certain maps. I can do great on any payload map but im not good with her in attack maps, and I havent had a 2CP map yet so i dont know how good im gonna be with her there.

    Baptiste is fucking OP. Oh no! Hanzo ult coming your way?? Press e. Oh no! DVA ult coming your way? Press e. Oh no! junkrat ult coming your way? Press e. His E is basically a fuck you to anyone who tries to ult. I had a rein show signs of ult and right before he pressed q i pressed e. It didnt save me from being ulted but it saved my team that were stunned in the field. I think its actually too op. Yeah it can be broken but its stupid bc most players dont go for it atm. His high jump is stupid too like tf? Oh boy! let me just jump 50 feet in the air only to be sniped by a widow!
  13. Gonco

    Gonco white knight VIP

    i main hanzo because my aim is good and he 1shot hs everyone

    mei makes me sick she thick tho
  14. Fiz

    Fiz hey Moderator VIP

    i main attack torb and Ana. sometimes mei. im a terrible human :)
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  15. Fear☠

    Fear☠ The Dark Lord Elite

    Favorite is Hanzo

    Lease favorite is good genji players... other than that none :LOL:
  16. Bogdanoff

    Bogdanoff VIP

    Signs you're an overwatch bot:

    Maining more than 2 heroes
    Mains don't include at least one of McRee/D.Va/S67/Ana/Rein/Widow
    Sub 50% accuracy on McRee/S67
    Think Genji is a good dps [hes not]
    Use low senstitvy
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