Lewd Sprays & The Rules

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    It doesn't stem from that at all. Awhile ago I created a guide on how to deal with sprays and what was and wasn't okay to ban for. While this kicked up some controversy in the staff team, it was well received. The idea is simple: we ban for nudity. If there isn't nudity in the spray, we don't care. The reason for this change was because moderators were actually banning for sprays that don't show anything. We aren't protecting the children by banning sprays like this:

    or even that spray about the "no hentai here sadly". It shows nothing, and if the child is mentally capable of understanding what that is, then chances are he has viewed the images before. SGM is a semi-mature community, and as such we should be allowing this kind of spray. What we don't allow is straight up nudity. It is much simpler that ways. We don't have to interpret beyond "hey does that show nudity?".

    I am sorry if you disagree with these changes, but i'm afraid that this is just how we are running things now.
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  3. Voca

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    The part about the spray rules that were changed, that I truly miss is the part that stated
    (Quote may not be precise just as I generally recall it) "Even if the porn is cut or edited, if it can still be understood as porn, it will be considered as porn"
    Which is the part that the community in its whole is complaining about being allowed, the sprays you can clearly see is of pornographic origin, but a small edit to a subway sandwich or just smack a sticker over some girl getting buttfucked, makes the spray completely fine, in the current rules.

    Our rules before was strict yes, but our rules now are too lenient. When the rules were changed, we took a too huge jump and left out the inbetween.
    Its pretty clear that some of the spray we now consider borderline shouldnt be allowed. And its pretty clear that community doesnt want em to be allowed either.
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  4. Voca

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    The spray Pacifist posted was one that I actually ended up banning once short after I was promoted to mod, as I was reading into the spray rules the way they were worded.
    1 of the lines being "Depicting sexual activity" + how we would usually handle the case in which a player posts a link that leads to a fanfiction of sexual content. Taking those 2 things in mind I warned the player not to use the spray, and when I a few hours later encountered the player using the same spray, I banned em.

    It was shortly after that occured that the spray rules was decided for a change, some people was mad at me for banning for it in the first place, while others was more understandable and agreed that our old rules did intepret the spray rules in a way that it wouldnt be allowed. And I honestly didnt feel like it was one that needed a ban myself, but I was a new mod and was just following protocol and rule guides to point.

    But that spray is not the type of sprays that are currently in discussion. It was a good thing rules was changed so sprays like that one couldnt be considered bannable anymore. But it has nothing to do with the sprays at debate atm.
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  5. Y'know, it would've been nice to have an announcement about this like with the slur rule.

    Now I look like an idiot complaining about something that's not even a problem.

    Either way, I still don't like the fact that these sprays are a matter of staff discretion.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Iuna

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    If thats a formal essay then don't start a sentence with "you see" or "and"

    Or at least put a comma after "you see"
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  8. thanks for doing my homework
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  9. That's not porn, dude. You really need to educate yourself and tell the difference between suggestive content and straight up porn. This is the internet, so quit being such a snowflake.

    Here, I'll help you:



    1. printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. synonyms: erotica, pornographic material, pornographic literature/films/videos, hard-core pornography, soft-core pornography, dirty books

    Where in any of those pictures do you see sexual organs or sexual activity?

    Case closed.
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  10. All of you people telling me that girl is actually eating a sub really dont know how to reverse image search :rolleyes:
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  14. Floof

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    Some kids (myself for instance) have to play games in a place where their parents can see their screen and i really don’t think we want to be getting kids in trouble and lose server pop do we?

    Also for those of us that do know what the true meanings, we still find it kinda disgusting. Theres just no reason to have it on the servers. Gore>porn
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  15. Pacifist

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    That is why we don't allow nudity. That and you don't really have to look at the sprays for all that long do you? If we are held to the standard of "my mommy will get upset at me" then we are doomed already.
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  16. Floof

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    While you have a point, I don’t see why nekos sucking subways photoshopped onto dicks should be allowed lol. Its blatant porn
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  17. Sorry guys server’s shutting down Timmy’s mom saw someone say fuck I’m so sorry about this xoxoxoxo
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  18. Voca

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    Never go bare minimum, in my 8 years of gmod with 5 of them being staff related, I have witnessed communities that went for the bare minimum pornography rules, those communities recived bad feedback from the community, the community was disgusted and dissapointed in those communities that allowed the bare minimum pornography. While the law may allow a community to go that way, it has never resulted in a surviving community. From what I have witnessed. The players was disgusted and was getting more and more uncomfortable playing on the servers, knowing that Pornography that was still clear pornography was getting allowed. Players left or was scared away by the staff not doing or able to do anything.

    And Im slightly worried that we will be going down the same road.

    The law may allow us to have the rules like that and some may not see an issue in it, but for the love of the community never go bare minimum.
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