Lengthen/GET RID OF the Mic Battery

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by marg simsim, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. yesdaddy

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    once again gags exist for a reason
    but also i would agree to lengthen it
    no mic battery... Hell no that would be a huge advantage for spammers
    lengthen... of course however if that were to happen they may as well just make supporter ranks have infinite mic battery(the way it fucking should be)
    and while both options open more room for spammers i believe they aren't prevalent enough for 8-10 seconds of mic battery to be the cap outside of supporter
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  2. Scrungy

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    Why is muting an individual not brought up more?
  3. Elvis

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    I think having unlimited mic battery will be fine. @Frost may remember this from an older community, but there is an addon out there that automatically gags someone if they go over a certain DB for an extended period of time, I.E. it stops people from screaming into their mic. It also takes care of people playing music through their mic. I havent been able to find the addon but if I do then ill shoot it over to the big man to get his opinion on it.
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  4. Day

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    Chad, all I have to say about that
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  5. Coinspooky

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    ngl I forgot this existed cause I haven't played since I had unlimited, still dumb though delete please
  6. If the point of mic time is to encourage players to buy ranks then at least extend it so it's not so short.
  7. Frost

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    No, it's to discourage micspam. Buying ranks to extend mic battery is just a plus
  8. Kythol

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