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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Lemon, Sep 24, 2017.

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  1. Lemon

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    Can I please stop being discouraged already? I've tried appealing twice in private with two different leads and it has gotten me nowhere, so I'm posting here.

    Basically, whenever I use my home wifi, the forums lag or show errors. It works fine on cellular or my work's wifi. Look, I'm a former admin, I know how this works. There is no reason for me to be discouraged, I have not been toxic since I left. This has been happening since April. Thanks.​
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  2. Graze

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  3. DieKasta

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    We're looking into it. Please be patient.
  4. Opalium

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    Hey lemon.

    I'll repeat what I said in our previous convos: you're not discouraged. I don't really have any explanation to why is this happening, but I can't see anything causing this on our side. This may be your home connection or something along the way. Perhaps contacting your ISP can help.
    I'm sorry, but we can't really help you more than that.

    Have a good day, and I hope you can find a solution soon.

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