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    February 22nd, 2021

    Leadership Meeting
    There's not much I can talk about from the Leadership Meeting this time around, so I'll just list off some of the things I can share.

    • Lordy and I can now update the emotes on the Discord.
    • We lifted a few old Conflict of Interest bans. (ryan, TrinityBlade, Patrick)
    • We began discussions to set a timetable for updating the forums to Xenforo 2.
    • Highwon is getting Lordy and I access to the SGM YouTube channel.
    • The MP5 fire rate was buffed.
    • A bug messing up autoslays during the Gun Game fun round has been fixed.
    • Harpoon Wars has been disabled on ttt_mc_airship_fix due to an issue with crashing.
    • The AFK-Move system was broken by a recent GMOD update. Our system will now kick players instead of moving them to another server.
    Staff Meeting
    • The stipulation that "RDM chains and Mass RDM must be reported." from the rules/protocol has been removed. Staff are still free to do so if they feel it necessary.
    • We discussed getting staff to do more server repops instead of stacking on one server.
    • We discussed staff being more explanatory when gagging/muting people.
    • We discussed other protocol suggestions, and went through the most recent Staff Approval poll.
    Alright, I've discussed it with the admins and we believe we've come up with a protocol that is the easiest and most favorable way of handling this that’s also compliant with our current rules.

    All kills done by telefragging are considered crossfire unless deemed intentional.

    How does one deem it intentional?
    • Can the killer SEE the spot they will be teleporting to?
    • Are they teleporting to a spot likely for someone to be in? (Tester)
    We also encourage players to warn their Detective/Traitor buddies when teleporting to their respective team rooms. We're talking to Dime about implementing something so Detectives can see a visible marker for where other Detectives have their teleporter set. Same for traitors.

    Other Notes
    • We are discussing implementing a protocol system for forum reports that are left sitting for over two weeks without a conclusion.
    • Albatross has been removed from the Modded map rotation due to a high amount of crashes.
    • We lifted over 360 perma bans.
    • GMOD Servers United (discussed in last update post) is now joined by 40 communities.
    • We're looking to upgrade our anti-cheat system.
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