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Discussion in 'Farewells' started by NeverEnding, May 15, 2019.

  1. NeverEnding

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    For those that remembered me, that's good
    for those that don't, that's good either.

    I'm here to just say hello and farewell while I enjoy my last 2 months of my life (As an Civilian)

    I've been diagnosed with a very serious problem it will be on 9 July 2019

    So what does that means for me?

    I've put down all my work for now in preparation for the day highlighted in red, (e.g. exercising/enjoying a few moments of my civ life)

    So what does that means for you?
    nothing, so enjoy while you still can.

    Cya Blyte.

    Oh btw yeah, about that (tagline/description)
    I ended.

    you are welcome to follow me in telegram via @NeverEndingXD
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  2. Deepsea1508

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    ord lor
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  3. Oh shit
  4. NeverEnding

    NeverEnding It's Never going to end. Trust me on this. VIP

    Fak you
  5. Pokeben10

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  6. The Law

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    Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck.
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  7. Genesis

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    If I'm understanding this correctly then let me ask you this...

    What's on your bucket list?
  8. Elvis

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    im 99% sure hes going in the military, not dying
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  9. Genesis

    Genesis VIP

    LOL ok that makes more sense. The post felt pretty dramatic so my mind went there.
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  10. SavannahBananaGaming

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    bye dude