Languages of SGM

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    Dutch: Native
    Fries: I can understand them, but i can't speak it.
    Flemish: Not a language, but people are angry if i leave it out :shrug: weird people wanna be different i guess
    English: Excellent
    French: Fair
    German: Decent enough to survive and eat a lot
    Russian: I don't speak it, but i understand most of it
    Thai: A bit, just mostly basic shit.
    Spanish: a bit (don't use it often enough)
    Italian: My ex tried to teach me, I know a few basic stuff

    Currently learning: Polish, Slovenian and Romanian (they work here and don't speak English, nor dutch. try to decipher what they are looking for in the store i work//drugstore//)
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    Bruh if you speak fries why not speak burgers
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    I am zie fries whisperer.

    Frisian people, who live on the southern fringes of the North Sea in the Netherlands and Germany.
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