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    So i very much enjoy movies/tv so i figured I’d throw reviews of shit i watch in here bc why not? Idk I’m bored and too egotistical to keep my thoughts to myself lmfao

    First thing I just finished is Bates Motel. Absolute trash, i give it 3/10.

    The only redeeming factor of this show is Dylan. Too bad for the first half of the show he’s kind of a twit and is in this weird illegal activity subplot?

    Pretty much most of the things that happen in the show are forgettable. It’s one of those shows where a lot of things happen, but its definitely quantity of things over the quality of events. Random subplots that don’t really do much other than further that Norma and Norman are insane, but the execution is just awful. They don’t really give any reason for you to care about most of the characters except for Dylan who is the only character who seems like a real person. So much of the show is over-acted and predictable. It’s quite repetitive as well; every season it’s like: Norman has tension with Norma, probably kills someone but its kept a mystery as to if he REALLY did or not, gets someone else into trouble, mix in some shitty subplots.

    Soundtrack is also pretty bad; a good soundtrack to me is there to support the emotions you should feel because of the plot, but the soundtrack in this show tells you how to feel because the plot is not smart or good enough to. Harmonically, it’s uninteresting, it sound like stock music from any other C-Tier show. Something sad happens? Throw some strings in at a slow tempo. Some intense thing going on? Crunchy piano chords, etc.

    From a production standpoint, it’s fine? There’s like no interesting shots ever, the direction is pretty bad, which is probably why the acting is so bad, like really, it’s so over-acted a lot of the time.

    I really don’t know who their audience is either. There’s some X-Rated violence so obviously not younger people? My sister and her husband watched it originally so maybe it’s a show for couples?? I don’t know, maybe that’s where their problems came from; they didn’t know their audience so they couldn’t cater to anyone, so they tried to cater to everyone and that’s why it seems like such a sloppy trash-heap.

    All in all, I’m going to give my sister a lot of grief for talking me into watching this 5 seasons of pure trash. It was really just so bad. I don’t know why I sat through all of it. So... so bad.

    This show really never needed to happen. I could rant for a long time about how much I dislike it tbh, I’ll try to review something i like soon lmao
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  2. Orion

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    bro I thought you were actually reviewing shit as in turds

    I want my money back wtf clickbait
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  3. looking forward to more entries in this thrilling podcast
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  4. Klutch

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    If it makes u feel better, my shit today was an 8/10
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  5. Carl

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    Watch the magicians on netflix
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  6. Coinston

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    If you don't turn this into a scat review I will riot
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  7. Ahalan

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    If you're into Horror movies I could give some suggestions, you ever seen Funny Games?
  8. Mothman

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    No no no we are NOT doing this again
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  9. Klutch

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    Ooo I do love me some horror, is funny games on Netflix for Hulu??:eek:
  10. Ahalan

    Ahalan Alahan, Alalan, and any -an anbetween. VIP

    It's available on Netflix but not in the U.S., its also on Prime video, I'd bet you can find it on youtube too
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  11. angie

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    so when you gonna review this bussy
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  13. littlememe

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    Have you seen You on Netflix?
  14. Klutch

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  15. Carl

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    Watch the magicians
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  16. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    Robots 2005
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  17. Spood

    Spood VIP

    Are you only reviewing netflix shows? Because I think film reviews are more fun to read than TV reviews (one good/bad season can change a whole show, a movie just stands on its own).
  18. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 kos grumble VIP

    I watched Gone Girl with my friends recently, and it was pretty good. There were some nice twists and turns, would recommend 8/10.

    We also got about half-way through Zodiac (the one with RDJ). Then my friend fell asleep and it went off... It was really good, though. 8/10.

    Zodiac on netflix btw
  19. Klutch

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    This is my favorite horror movie of all time. A masterpiece directed by Ari Astor.
    Here’s a small lil story about the first time i saw this before i stroke my ego talking about how good i think it is:

    So i used to work at a movie theater, and we would get to see the movies early, usually at 12am. So my best friend and I along with the rest of the people who worked there went to see it (yes, my best friend and I used to work together, actually at 2 jobs lmao), and this movie FUCKED US ALL UP. The screening ended around 2am, and my two friends and I went to Denny’s after, sat in silence for about an hour and a half, and then talked about how much it fucked us up for about 4 hours until the sun rose.
    I’m not gonna drop any spoilers to this amazing fucking movie because I know a lot of people haven’t seen it but here we go:

    From the first shot, you can tell the artistry is phenomenal in the direction/shot composition. Almost every shot in the movie is interesting to look at - almost no moment on camera is wasted with some throwaway shot. Most of the shots are in fact beautiful, the first shot is one of my favorite.
    Acting: Fucking amazing. Everything feels real between characters. All the dialogue feels legitimate, and not a single moment is overacted. Each actor has an outstanding performance, and the way they interact with each other is the realest shit I’ve seen outside of Scorsese’s movies.

    The plot: Basically without revealing spoilers, family’s grandma dies before the movie starts, and then some crazy shit happens for the next roughly 2 hours. While on the surface it seems very cliche, you have a family in a house and shit starts to happen... It’s done in such a unique way where it actually expands on common horror tropes that are commonly overused. There’s a lot going on in the background that you don’t realize until the very end, and THAT SHIT is what really fucked up my friends and I after we saw it the first time; there’s a lot to unpack and think about, pieces of a puzzle to put together. This movie is a SLOW BURN as well, while things are happening, more of the “horror” of it is through how immensely uncomfortable it is to sit through. It is a brutally tense movie, and watching the bubble burst at the end of it after almost 2 hours of tension building is beautifully satisfying.
    Soundtrack: The soundtrack is not overused at all. In fact, it is quite sparse. The movie is already extremely uncomfortable because of how tense the plot is, and like I said in my last review my opinion of the function of a soundtrack is to pretty much be the cherry on top of making you feel something ON TOP of how the plot should make you feel, and this soundtrack does that perfectly. The shots and story already have some uncomfortable things going on, and these very tense sounds from the soundtrack come out of nowhere to almost push you over the edge of feeling tense.

    Seriously, it feels like you’re going batshit crazy watching this movie, and the last minute is honestly the most horrifying shit to me; I don’t really even know why, but it is. It’s such a beautifully uncomfortable movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of horror, or is a pretentious film asshole like myself

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  20. Carl

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    Cool no one asked, watch the magicians
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