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  1. So i just had a situation someone claimed to kill a T.
    I kosed this person for this because im pretty sure some staff told me like last week when i asked(cant recall who)
    anyway the suggestion here is that i feel like falsely claiming proven when your not (claiming to killed a t / tested etc.)
    should be considered a t act. The only reason you would falsely claimed proven is
    when ur beeing a troll or a t (same as t baiting ur beeing a troll or a t)

    here by my suggestion make a rule to make falsely claiming beeing proven a t act.
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  2. veL

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    yea but when will you ever know if the person is 100% lying about being proven?

    unless you are literally following them for the entire round since the very 1st second, you won't know if maybe they killed a T, did damage to a T, kosed a T in voice chat, etc, etc..

    how can you prove that someone is falsely claiming to be proven? if this is kosable then you're basically killing off suspicion since you are just assuming that they're lying since you don't know for 100% fact
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  3. Aquast

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    -1 as being "proven" has basically no weight at all (at least for most regulars). It literally shouldn't affect your gameplay at all if someone claims themselves proven.
    Only times I mark people as "FRIEND" from tab is when I witness them proving themselves an innocent or when a detective calls someone an innocent.
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  4. saying i killed ... (a t) and he didnt because you know he died by ...
  5. Non-Toxic

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    yeah hes saying that it should be KOSable to lie, when you know for a fact that whoever they claimed to kill died by other means.

    This rule suggestion would cause a bit of confusion, im gonna -0 because i don't like it but do not want to affect the vote.
  6. beeing proven does have effect such as 4 people alive on tab

    1 det
    1 proven
    2 people left not proven who need to kill eachother
  7. Dani

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    Claiming that you're proven does not make you proven. It's essentially the same as saying that you're innocent in the beginning of the round, because all people can do is take your word for it. There's a difference between proof and "just trust me on this".

    He said that CLAIMING to be proven should not have an effect, not actually being proven. This is why he said that he only marks them as friend if he actually knows they're proven.

    Or you're an innocent and just want to be trusted by people because being trusted by people is objectively superior to not being trusted? People will concentrate their suspicions more on people who aren't you (and might actually be Ts) and you might get health stations.
  8. Tedelicious

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    This will not happen.


    How can you prove that they are falsely proven? You have to see it happen, secondly if they claim it happened 2 minutes ago and you didn't witness the situation, then you claim falsely proven.

    There is no way the staff can record all the proven and false proven.

    Therefor this will not be implemented.

    Ps glenn.. don't rdm or kill on sus you nub.
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  9. DocFox

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    Imagine bring killed because you got a name confused hitting tab. Or the traitor you killed left.

    Don't believe someone to be proven unless you witness it. Of a person says, "I killed a traitor" it doesn't mean they're proven. That is literally all I would say to get around being killed for saying the wrong name.

    This sounds like a way to be a little more trigger happy. Wrong name? Dead. Traitor you killed left? Dead.

    You were on a different community if you heard someone say that.
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  10. STONEY


    Let's say this situation happens,

    Me and Smaug are both killing a T, Smaug doesn't exactly realize I'm also trying to kill the T. Smaug gets the final shot meaning he killed the T. I attempt to call myself proven but everyone thinks I'm lying cause they didn't witness me shooting the T. Only possible way to confirm who killed the T is through DNA which would prove Smaug killed the T and not me. Therefor making me a liar and a KOS being called on me.

    So you're suggesting this to be okay to have happen? It just doesn't work out because in this situation and many others it's unfair to the play of the game.
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  11. Python~

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    I can see this being added. In concept, it's not that far off from a rule we actually have. Wherein if it's down for the last few people, you can kill someone on suspicion if everyone else is proven.
    If something like this is allowed, then it would make sense to kill people who lie about being proven.

    The only way I could get behind this, however, is if you know with 100% certainty that they lied about being proven. If you didn't know with 100% certainty, it's RDM. This is the same logic as the Common Sense ruling.

    So really, if we go by the rules we already have, this isn't a stretch.
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  12. Floof

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  13. dazza

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    It's kinda the point of traitors to be deceptive and tricksy to win, I mean there's 1 of them for every 4 innos they are usually outnumbered, especially on nilla where this happened
  14. Tedelicious

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    Imagine the body falling off the map making the proof of innocence impossibro
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