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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ahalan, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Ahalan

    Ahalan Moderator VIP

    Hey, I bought this co-op bomb defusal game awhile back, and have been looking for some people to play so I can beat the harder levels and just play in general.

    If anyone would want to hop on Discord VC and play a few rounds, ping me whenever @Ahalan
  2. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    I also own this game, and am looking for people to play with as well

    @Roeboat maybe we can play sometime.
  3. Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet Supporter

    Does the other player also need the game do play?
  4. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

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  5. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    I know the rules, seen an handful of videos on the game, but I don't own it D:

    I could only be on the manual side
  6. Ahalan

    Ahalan Moderator VIP

    No, the people who own the game can see & interact with the bomb, any other players are helpers who read off the defusal manual found here:

    The whole point is for the two sides to communicate: helpers can't see the bomb and defusers can't read the manual. @Spreadsheet
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  7. Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet Supporter

    Ok might help if I have the time
  8. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    I also own this game
  9. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    One player needs the game, the other player needs Google docs
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