It's over, It aint, It is no longer

Discussion in 'Farewells' started by eks dee, May 15, 2021.

  1. eks dee

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    Okay, i've not been on the servers in ages and i've recently stopped caring about sgm events. So i decided 'Fuck it' Might as well make a thread and recieve the dopamine from people replying.

    I always liked getting tagged in farewells so imma do that, but the people i tag will be people i'll probably stay in contact with. The only reason i'm doing it is that i'd like to say these things to these people but bringing it up in a conversation naturally would be hard.

    @Adlactor Nell Best member. When i first got here, I considered you my best friend here. And although i haven't spoken to you in a while i still consider you a friend

    @Dodley27 One of my closest friends in SGM. Always up for doing a little trolling around SGM and always a kindhearted friend.

    @Indy226 Although I joke about indy swimn't and all those other things i still see you as one of my most trustworthy friends. Sorry if i offended or made you feel bad about yourself in any way when we joked about.

    @Zareaper My man inside the staff team for when we were using the secret channel to mess with the staff. It definetly wouldn't of been as fun if i didn't know how the staff reacted

    @Juicy Tenderloin I haven't talked to you in a while aswell but back in the day you were one of the nicest people i had ever met an i'm glad to have had you as a friend

    @Sticky Bandit Through my time on sgm you have been like a metronome going back and forth from toxic and provokable to someone that can take a joke and also speak his mind. You recently seem to have set into the latter of the two and i consider you a friend. Also
    upload_2021-5-15_19-55-43.png upload_2021-5-15_19-56-4.png
    I'm also appreciative of your support during my application.

    @Prisma I don't know you very well but i believe you to be a friend. In total i think we have exchanged a total of 40 words but whenever we talk, you talk as if we've known eachother for years.

    @SavannahBanana We can always have a laugh. You are one of the people who i've stopped talking to over time but I really appreciated your friendship back when i had just came to sgm.

    @Jabba the Slut I know i might have become a bit of a nuisance when it comes to the trolling and i'm sorry in that regard. You're still someone that i believe i could have a laugh with. But after being lead for about 6 months you seem to have fallen into the trap that most staff fall into (I did as well). You treat staffing as if it's a game that you are able to win, So when someone breaks the rules and nobody is negatively impacted you feel the need to punish them and show that the staff team is not to be trifled with. Your political agenda has been kinda seeping through onto your staffing duties a bit. (I dont consider you an enemy or even someone that i dont like to that regard and i didn't mean to turn this into a jabba rant but loosen up a bit will you)

    I might have people that should be in the above list that aren't. I'm sorry if i forgot you but my memory is doodoo

    Okay now for the aquaintances
    @YoAmTrash You were fun to talk to, just ease up on the trolling
    @Fear☠ First admin, good admin, Was nice
    @Frosty Was fun messing about on the servers with you
    @Pacifist Hey remember that time that you took savannahs profile picture and caused a massive uprising of bananas
    @Lordyhgm Hi
    @Pixie.Dimi I didn't really know how to talk to you because you were always speaking ill of yourself, but just know that you are a fun person to be around and that every person that you meets life is atleast slightly better because they met you.
    @Grumble @Minimelt @thog Steakhouse crew
    @everyone else, My brain got a little sore when i tried to think of more people. Just know that if i have talked to you once then i have probably thought about you hundreds of times because i spend every second of my life considering what people think of me and how i come off as a person

    (adding in a list of people that i forgot but want to add in post)
    @Spreadsheet You were cool, Don't know what to add other than i appreciated your companionship/support

    I had planned to do this farewell along with a video called goodbye sgm that wrapped up all of the shit but because of exams and a general lack of creative energy i have decided to postpone/stop any videos that i had in the works or was going to make in the future.
    So in case any of you were dissapointed with the lack of video i'll leave you with a google drive of everything on my PC that was about sgm (some stuff has nothing to do with sgm but i cant be bothered sifting through it all and removing it) If you find anything embarrassing or something that implicates someone else in a crime in there then contact me so i can delete it

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  2. Bye , will miss
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  3. 8BitF0x

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    this is so sad.
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  4. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Yes officer! This post right here!
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  5. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    In all seriousness though, offending me takes a lot. Most of ur memes are pretty funny, the swimmn't one just got to beating a dead horse after some time lol.

    anyways take care, please come back to AHG some time though, ur memes can turn my days around.
    Love you <3

    - Indy226
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  6. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Godspeed my friend. I will miss your memes. Maybe visit sometimes.
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    I had not talked to you a lot you know but I considered you as one of the best members of SGM, I hope we'll see us again. I offer you luck and have a good life :)
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  8. Moleman

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    RIP bruhmomenthub.
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  9. Fear☠

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    @eks dee
    Was a pleasure having you man.
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  10. waffle

    waffle VIP

    I love you
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  11. Pacifist

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    seeya later alligator! Will be sad to see you go.
  12. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky Bandit Never fall below your standard VIP Bronze

    I will never forget this! Nobody wanted to pick you up. I pushed hard for a long time on this, and I was pretty stoked when you finally got picked up! So silly nobody wanted to take the risk on you. Ended up turning out to be a great mod!
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  13. Shadow™

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    Take it easy buddy
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  14. Juicy Tenderloin

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    @eks dee This is so sad, especially since I am just now seeing this. Weet you will always be like a little brother to me. You have SO MUCH going for you. You are so smart, talented, funny, and kind hearted. Please promise me that you will never let this filthy place or the rest of the internet and gaming world take that away from you lmao. You seriously are just a good kid and it's been nice being your friend. You know that if you ever need anything, big or small, never hesitate to reach out and I will do my best to help! You and scrungy both hold a special place in my heart and are like the little brothers I always wanted, but thank God I never actually had because holy shit what a nightmare if I actually had two toxic troll little brothers lmao.

    No but for real, you brought so much to this community and you will be missed!

    I speak for the whole Steakhouse server when I say this: you're awesome and don't be a stranger! :love:


    Stay in touch you little scottish turd :poop::D
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  15. This is so sad!
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  16. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    1.5 year is ages according to this dude, rookie numbers
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  17. eks dee

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  18. Patrick

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