It is that time.

Discussion in 'Farewells' started by Theinkern, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. andrewca79

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    Take care Inkern, best of luck with your future endeavors.
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  2. Kyül

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    Hey look im gonna come here and beg for a tag cause im insecure

    Love you Inkie
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  3. Smusha

    Smusha Meme Marine & Staffing Machine Admin VIP

    I'll miss having you on the staff team ink!

    I won't miss your driving in PUBG
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  4. Siddo

    Siddo Dork Mod Elite

    Training with you was a blast - and having you bully me first day as full mod was fun.
    (Also you carried me for a couple PUBG games and stuff.)

    Whatever jimmies you may have rustled, you always did right by me. Take care, familia.
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  5. Grimoire+

    Grimoire+ Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Mod VIP+

    Hey inkern, There's so much i could write for you from the first time i came into Teamspeak to the last moment we had before you resigned, but words just fail me right now, You're an amazing dude and i hold you in such high respect unfortunately you became distant near the end but you are like family to me after all the help you've given me and helped me to move forward, thankyou for all you've done, i'd love to write more but i just have no words :(
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  6. NoTurkeyJustStuffin

    NoTurkeyJustStuffin Hai :) VIP Silver

    First of all:
    Second of all:
    I tried playing with you recently .-.

    Back to the farewell, I appreciate everything you've done for this community, Ink. Seriously. You bring the silly out in me, and you're outgoing personality is inspiring to several members of this community, including myself. You were always making sure that everybody on your team met your hour requirement, and I'm glad that you took it seriously even though others didn't as much.

    Hugs (cause why not),
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  7. Pacifist

    Pacifist Blind Poet Mod Elite

    From one cocaine to another, ignoring a brother
    Not much he smothers, too much like the others
    Bothers me, to which we will see, the joy it brings to thee

    From place to place, never a trace
    Not much he speaks, treasures he keeps
    Foil he, after me, a team in three

    From accomplishments to failure, to absolute leisure
    Not to his annoyance, my general flamboyance
    Did we, a sicken three, leave thee

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  8. Venom

    Venom There are stories waiting to be made. Mod Elite

    It sucks it had to come to this, but I respect your decision, I knew this would end up happening since we always talk and such, but I hope you will still come around on Teamspeak and play games with me when you have time. You're a great guy and friend and I wish more people had the opportunity to experience what I do on a daily basis with you as a friend. I'll see you around man, let's keep playing if you can.

    I'll miss seeing you on SGM dude, come back sometime... please. I just hope that life goes the way you want it to and that we can continue hanging out after your long nights. You're like an older brother to me and I appreciate it when you come and chat and play games with me, you never fail to make me laugh, and oh boy did we have those extremely fun nights. Best of luck man, take care.

    ~ Prime/Peyton

    I like the song choice, fits perfectly and I keep listening to it.
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  9. RaYm0nD

    RaYm0nD VIP Bronze

    That's a lot of times, in this forum.
  10. Theinkern

    Theinkern Inkern VIP Bronze

    @OpalBot God damnit you bot get working on the confusing rating. Lol what are you talking about, and @Prime ayeeeee lol well thanks dude.
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  11. Trevor ッ

    Trevor ッ VIP Bronze

    you were my best friend until you became more toxic then me, you are still not forgiven, stab me in the back once, i stab you in the front twice.
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  12. RaYm0nD

    RaYm0nD VIP Bronze

    I was just joking about how you said "it's that time", and how frequent these threads are posted.
    BAD JOKE IS BAD :lurking:
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  13. No tag? :(
    That’s ok. I’m gonna miss you being an admin and all that jazz and best of wishes to your future endeavors.
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  14. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    dont worry ill tag you next time I make a farewell
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  15. Wex

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